Monday Jun 20, 2016

SPARC Solaris Virtualization ROCKS for SAS Analytics

A global life sciences company recently undertook a complete infrastructure refresh of its SAS Analytics environment to meet critical business requirements, such as industry compliance, scale for growth and resiliency for non-stop operations . This case study documents the strategic choices and the procedural details involved in modernizing their SAS Analytics environment and demonstrates how SPARC Solaris virtualization ROCKS! (see white paper below).

The Challenge:

This company was looking to replace an aged 16-core HPUX Itanium system with performance issues that was currently running SAS to support 150 users.  Their goal was to move to a SAS Grid Computing framework that could support 400 users in a high availability (HA) and disaster recovery architecture for non-stop operation.  In addition, they required high-performance shared file system storage and needed to consolidate three separate SAS releases (9.2; 9.3; and 9.4).  All this while needing to map SAS services to 15+ separate OS instances.

The SPARC Solaris Virtualization Solution:

Combining Oracle’s Solaris 11 OS with SPARC servers and ZFS Storage created a very flexible and powerful virtualization solution for this complex challenge with Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms) and Oracle Solaris Zones. The SPARC Solaris virtualization strategy enabled strict compliance to SAS licensing policy while allowing for prioritized resource allocations for memory, I/O, and network bandwidth – all without adding additional licensing and virtualization costs to the customer.

Leveraging the flexibility of Oracle Solaris virtualization technologies to achieve both business and IT infrastructure needs enabled this pharmaceutical company to transform and optimize their SAS Analytics environment.

The Devil is in The Details:

Read this white paper for best practices, lessons learned, and the detailed deployment anatomy to understand the specifics of this case study.  It also includes the actual scripting of the virtualization services which were created:

White Paper: Modernization of a SAS® Analytics Environment -
Solving Complicated Refresh Challenges with Oracle Solaris and SPARC Virtualization Technologies

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Wednesday Dec 10, 2014

Choosing Oracle Solaris Virtualization

A question we very often get asked by our ISV partners is which of the various Solaris virtualization technologies available should they use.

Well, our product manager for Oracle Solaris Virtualization has just put up a very useful write-up to answer this question and help choose between Zones, Kernel Zones or Oracle VM Server for SPARC (LDoms).

And if you want a deeper dive into the topic you can read the relevant chapters in the related SPARC virtualization technologies whitepaper written by an elite team of engineers.

Monday Mar 25, 2013

Build Solaris Clouds with Oracle Storage Library for SAP Virtualization for Solaris

Oracle released the first version of the SAP Storage Library for SAP Virtualization Version 1.0 . The virtualization library is available for the Solaris SPARC and x64 platform. The documentation explains how to build SAP virtualization landscape with the ZFS storage appliance and other SAN devices.

Wednesday Dec 19, 2012

Oracle Solaris Remote Lab (OSRL) Fact Sheet

The Oracle Solaris Remote Lab allows independent software vendors (ISVs) to test and qualify their applications in a self service Solaris cloud.

ISVs who are Oracle Partner Network Gold members with a specialization in the Solaris knowledge zone can apply for free access in OPN.

The lab offers the following features to it's users:

  • Lifetime of project: 45 days (extensions granted on demand) 
  • Up to 5 virtual machines in a private network 
  • Virtual Machine technology: Solaris zones 
  • Resources per VM
    • processor support: SPARC or x86 
    • OS version: OracleSolaris 11.0
    • 4GB physical memory 
    • 4GB swap space 
    • 10GB local filesystem storage 
    • 10GB network filesystem (NFS) mounted on all virtual machines
  • Networking configuration
    • The only external network routes are to Partner's other Virtual Machines 
    • No network routing to the Internet 
    • The SMB (CIFS) sharing protocol is not available between Virtual Machines 
  • Device Access 
    • Applications that assume the existence of /devices will not run in a Virtual Machine 
    • Applications that use eeprom to modify SPARC eeprom setting will not run in a Virtual Machine
  • The following utilities do not work properly in Virtual Machines: 
    • add_drv, disks, prtconf, prtdiag, rem_dev
  • Access technology: Secure Global Desktop, file up and download
  • root access within VM
  • Available VM templates (both processor architectures)
    • Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( for Solaris with Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
    • Weblogic 12c 
    • SAMP: Apache http server, PHP, MySQL, phpadmin
    • on all templates and images: Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 for application development 

More resources:

Sunday Dec 20, 2009

ZFS and Solaris: storage optimization for the cloud

Cloud computing has been one of the most discussed topic over the year. What is usually less discussed is the technology behind cloud-computing, though this is no secret that virtualization is playing a key role. Cloud data-centers will be loaded with virtual machines each of these machines potentially requiring in disk-space what a complete operating system (OS) requires[Read More]

Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

HowTo: Using Virtualization to Secure MySQL in a Chrooted Environment

Chrooted environments - often used with MySQL - are known to improve system and application security by providing them with a higher degree of isolation.  With the latest OpenSolaris release, virtualization can be used to bring isolation - thereby security - to the next level[Read More]

Thursday Dec 03, 2009

VirtualBox Factory: HowTo Automate VBox Provisioning in a Cloud

How to automate VirtualBox provisioning in a cloud-like environment. Can be used as a foundation to virtualize desktop. Source code is available at[Read More]

Thursday Oct 23, 2008

Accélération dans l'adoption du cloud computing !

IDC vient de l'annoncer dans un communiqué de presse : dans les cinq années à venir, le cloud computing devrait représenter la majeur partie de la croissance des dépenses dans les technologies de l'information.

[Read More]

Tuesday May 27, 2008

Wrapup Code Camp Virtualization Light (Optimal Resources Utilsation) in Hegnau, Zürich Schweiz

Anbeidie aktualiserten Dokumente des ersten Schweizer Code Camps in Hegnau/Züric zum Thema "Virtualization light".[Read More]

Sunday May 18, 2008

02 Jun 2008 - Telco & Media Solaris User Group

02 Jun 2008 - Telco & Media Solaris User Group

London Customer Briefing Center, Sun Microsystems Ltd, Regis House, 45 King William Street, London, EC4R 9AN (See map)

This event will be looking at how you can get best performance from Solaris running on UltraSPARC Sun Fire Niagara T1 and Sun Fire T2 Coolthread systems. We will also be discussing virtualising with Solaris - which options to chose, when and why. We will be joined by our leading Solaris experts who will open the discussion.

  • 09:00 - 09:30: Registration and Breakfast - City CBC
  • 09:30 - 09:45: Welcome & Setting the agenda - Mike Osbourne
  • 09:45 - 11:45: Open Discussion:
    - Delivering best performance from T1 & T2 architectures
    - Virtualising with Solaris - LDoms, Zones and Containers
  • 11.45: Networking and lunch


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