Sunday Oct 07, 2007

Upcoming partner related activities in and around London

In our first attempt to expand the audience of this column to other parts of Europe, here are two events of particular significance to our partners in and around London for the next month or so:


Make it Fly

Thursday 25th October, 8:30 - 1pm
London, Sun City Office



Dr Clive King and Phil Harman, will be presenting a morning session on Solaris performance, debugging and what is in the latest release of
Solaris 10, and why it is so cool.
Aimed at a technical audience, any partners developing on Solaris would benefit from this session, from two great Solaris minds.

Session 1: Full contact debugging with the Solaris run-time linker!
The run-time linker( is fundamental to the operation of Solaris, but few use its numerous powerful debugging features. We discuss the run-time linker, what it does, why its a good idea and how you can use it for debugging a number of classes of problems. We also show how it can be used for time travel!

Session 2: The Yin and Yang of /proc
Procfs is a file system that provides access to the state of each process and light-weight process (lwp) in the system. It’s the foundation upon which debuggers like dbx and mdb are built, as well as tools such as ps, pstack and pmap. procfs is a system where you can have correct, but you can't have fast. To get a consistent, correct snapshot of a process state requires the Solaris kernel to do an awful lot of work and it can impact on system performance if used without thought. This session will help you avoid a very common set of problems as well as considering some of the wider issues around system monitoring.

Session 3: Solaris Greater Than the Sum of its Parts
Solaris technologies such as ZFS, DTrace and Zones are pretty amazing in their own right, but it is the combination of such innovations in one platform which make Solaris so much more than "just another commodity operating system".

Session 4: Solaris 10 8/07 - The fourth update of Solaris 10 brings some very important enhancements to this landmark operating system
platform. The focus of this session will be on those parts of Solaris10 8/07 of particular interest to developers.


Sun Partner Advantage Partner Marketing Academy 2007

Thursday 8th November, 9:00am - 3:30pm
Sun Customer Briefing Centre, Guillemont Park

Building on the success of the last Partner Marketing Academy (PMA) please join us at the next event on 8th November where you will learn more about Sun’s Marketing strategies, the role of our partners and hear real-life partner case studies on using Sun's Go-to-Market materials.

The feedback you gave us at the last event has enabled us to tailor the agenda to suit your requirements. The morning session will include:

  •    An update on the UK Go-to-Market plans
  •    Sun's strategy and the role of our partners
  •    An update on SPA including the latest features and benefits
  •    Customer segmentation

To view the agenda click here

Who should attend?
Key Partner Marketing Managers & the person who owns the Sun business.

The afternoon breakout sessions will include a mixture of presentations and interactive workshops customised to meet your needs.

Use this chance to meet and network with your Sun Marketing counterparts as well as other Sun partners and Channel Development Partners (CDPs).

We are sure you will find the event a good use of your time and encourage you to register as soon as possible - registration closes on 2nd November.

On the evening prior to the Partner Marketing Academy we are hosting a Partner Dinner from 7:30pm onwards at Tylney Hall, Hook, Hampshire.

Full details will be available in due course, in the meantime, please register here.


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