Wednesday Apr 20, 2016

Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne 2016 Call for Proposals

The 2016 Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne call for proposals are open and the deadline for submissions is Friday, May 9. We encourage you to submit proposals to present at this year's conference, which will be held September 18 - 22, 2016 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. 

See here who from ISV Engineering and partners attended last year and the joint projects they presented. 

Submit your abstracts for Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne now and take advantage of the opportunity to present at the most important Oracle technology and business conference of the year.

Wednesday Mar 30, 2016

The UNIX® Standard Makes ISV Engineering’s Job Easier

Here at Oracle® ISV Engineering, we deal with hundreds of applications on a daily basis. Most of them need to support multiple operating systems (OS) environments including Oracle Solaris. These applications are from all types of diverse industries – banking, communications, healthcare, gaming, and more. Each application varies in size from dozens to hundreds of millions of lines of code. A sample list of applications supporting Oracle Solaris 11 can be found here.

As we help Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) support Oracle Solaris, we understand the real value of standards. Oracle Solaris is UNIX certified and conforms to the UNIX standard providing assurance of stable interfaces and APIs. (NOTE: The UNIX standard is also inclusive of POSIX interface/API standard).  ISVs and application developers leverage these stable interfaces/APIs to make it easier to port, maintain and support their applications. The stable interfaces and APIs also reduce the overhead costs for ISVs as well as for Oracle’s support of the ISVs – a win-win for all involved. ISVs can be confident that the UNIX operating system, the robust foundation below their application, won't change from release to release.

Oracle Solaris is unique in which it goes the extra mile by providing a binary application guarantee since its 2.6 release. The Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee reflects the confidence in the compatibility of applications from one release of Oracle Solaris to the next and is designed to make re-qualification a thing of the past. If a binary application runs on a release of Oracle Solaris 2.6 or later, including their initial release and all updates, it will run on the later releases of Oracle Solaris, including their initial releases, and all updates, even if the application has not been recompiled for those latest releases. Binary compatibility between releases of Oracle Solaris helps protect your long-term investment in the development, training and maintenance of your applications.

It is important to note that the UNIX Standard does not restrict the underlying implementation. This is key particularly because it allows Oracle Solaris engineers to innovate "under the hood". Keeping the semantics and behavior of system calls intact, Oracle Solaris software engineers deliver the benefits of improved features, security performance, scalability, stability, etc. while not having a negative impact on application developers using Oracle Solaris.

Learn more about Oracle Solaris, a UNIX OS, through the links below:

· Oracle Solaris 11

· The UNIX Evolution: An Innovative History

· Oracle, UNIX, and Innovation

· The Open Group UNIX Landing Page

Oracle Copyright 2016. UNIX® is a registered trademark owned and managed by The Open Group. POSIX® is a registered Trademark of The IEEE. All rights reserved.

Thursday Oct 08, 2015

Oracle ISV Engineering at Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Oracle OpenWorld 2015 will take place in San Francisco October 25–29.  It provides an unparalleled opportunity to share your ideas and learn about the latest technologies from the people who are creating and using them. If you are attending, please make sure to come by and meet our ISV engineering team. say hi and discuss any questions or issues you might have. We will be at the following demo booth, sessions and hands-on-labs:

Exhibit Hall:

Demo pod SC-015 @ Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage demogrounds area, Moscone South
"ISV Applications Achieve New levels of Security and Performance by Leveraging Software in Silicon"

Sessions and Hands-on-labs:
CON5743 How to Securely Consolidate High-Performance SAP Landscapes
CON8216 Inoculating Software, Boosting Quality: SAS & Oracle Experience with Application Data Integrity
CON1855 Operating a 16- Terabyte JVM...and Living to Tell the Tale (JavaOne)
BOF10260 Multidimensional Java Databases, Large Heap Sizes, and the JVM...Oh My! (JavaOne)
THT10983 Features and Benefits of Oracle’s Sonoma Chip for Enterprise Workloads
THT10991 Secure Your OpenStack Environment
THT10972 Securely Consolidating High Performance SAP Landscapes
THT11011 Test Oracle Solaris Server Running SAP with the New Compliance Tool

HOL6978 Getting the Most Out of Oracle Solaris 11 Using Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker
HOL1598 How to Build a Hadoop Cluster Using OpenStack
HOL5447 Learning to Use SPARC M7 Application Data Integrity to Detect Buffer Overflow Attacks
HOL1931 Deploying Oracle Solaris Cluster with the Automated Installer Feature
HOL8218 Software in Silicon Virtual Address Masking
HOL6427 Uncover JDK 8 Secrets Using DTrace on Oracle Solaris 11
HOL6663 Build Your Own Cloud Environment with Oracle Solaris 11 RAD and REST
HOL4645 Assessing, Reporting, and Customizing the Security Compliance in Oracle Solaris 11.2
HOL4613 Set Up an End-to-End High-Performance, Secure Enterprise Solution on Oracle Solaris 11
HOL6011 Speeding Up Oracle Database Using SPARC M7 Hardware Acceleration
HOL6653 Deploying a Multinode OpenStack Setup with a Preconfigured Oracle WebLogic Cluster

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thursday Sep 18, 2014

Oracle ISV Engineering @ Oracle OpenWorld 2014

If you are coming to Oracle OpenWorld 2014 in San Francisco September 28-October 2, please make sure to come see us at the following demo booth, sessions and hands-on-labs:

Exhibit Hall:

Demo pod SC-123 @ Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage demogrounds area, Moscone South, Center
Our worldwide team of engineers collaborate with our ISV partners to drive technology adoption and integration of Oracle Systems to create uniquely differentiated solutions that are compelling to Oracle customers. Visit us and learn about joint success stories, latest benchmarks and solutions as well as developer tools and resources.


 1:15 pm: Turbocharge Your SAP Environment on Oracle SuperCluster [THT11481] 
                 Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center

 2:15 pm: What Happens When Software Moves to Silicon? [THT11235] 
                 Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center

 5:15 pm: Optimizing SAP Performance on Every Tier on Oracle SuperCluster [CON5925]
                Intercontinental - Grand Ballroom B

 5:15 pm: Hadoop 2 cluster with Oracle Solaris Zones,ZFS and Unififed Archives [THT11268]
                 Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center

 5:45 pm: Using Unified Archives to Deploy Oracle WebLogic Server Cluster on Oracle Solaris 11.2 [HOL9777]
                 Hotel Nikko - Mendocino I/II

 9:00 pm: Look Under the Hood of Java 8 Parallel Streams with an Oracle Solaris DTrace–Powered Tool [BOF1937]
                 Moscone North - 131


11:15 am: What Happens When Software Moves to Silicon? [THT11235]
                  Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center

 1:15 pm: SAP Applications in Oracle Solaris 11.2 Kernel Zones [THT11273]
                  Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center

                 Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center


11:45 am: Create Quality, Secure, High-Performing Applications on Oracle Solaris [HOL9805]
                   Hotel Nikko - Mendocino I/II

12:15 pm: Oracle Database 12c Data Protection and Multitenancy with Oracle Solaris 11 [THT11236]
                   Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center

 1:45 pm: When Big-Memory SAS Applications Meet Oracle’s Big-Memory Machines [THT11274]
                 Engineered Systems, Servers, and Storage Theater, Moscone South, Center

 1;15 pm: Set Up a Hadoop 2 Cluster with Oracle Solaris Zones, Oracle Solaris ZFS, and Unified Archive [HOL2086]
                  Hotel Nikko - Mendocino I/II

 1:15 pm; Oracle Database 12c Data Protection and Multitenancy on Oracle Solaris 11 [HOL9762]  
                 Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom I

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday Sep 17, 2014

Are you Ready? and Optimized?

Oracle Solaris Ready, Oracle SuperCluster Ready and Oracle SuperCluster Optimized      

ISVs who support their applications on Oracle Solaris 11 are taking advantage of
the Oracle Solaris Ready and Oracle SuperCluster Ready programs which
are part of the Oracle Exastack Ready program from Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).  
Some are using the Oracle Solaris Remote Lab, a cloud based solution with both SPARC
and X86 VMs, to validate their applications on Oracle Solaris 11 and become Oracle Solaris Ready. 

Unleash ISV Application Performance with Engineered Systems

Qualified OPN members are provided access to Oracle performance experts and lab environments for testing and tuning their applications with Oracle SuperCluster through the

Customers can be confident when selecting Oracle SuperCluster Optimized applications knowing that they are supported, and have been tested and tuned with Oracle SuperCluster Systems to help deliver optimum speed, scalability and reliability.

Partners who have recently achieved Oracle SuperCluster Optimized are:

Thursday Jun 05, 2014

Why ISVs Run Applications on Oracle SuperCluster

Michael Palmeter, Senior Director Product Development of Oracle Engineered Systems, discusses how ISVs can easily run up to 20x faster, gain 28:1 storage compression, and grow presence in the market all without any changes to their code in this short video.

One of the family of Oracle engineered systems products, Oracle SuperCluster provides maximum end-to-end database and application performance with minimal initial and ongoing support and maintenance effort, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Java or enterprise applications running on Oracle Database 11gR2 or higher and Oracle Solaris 11 can run up to 20X faster than traditional platforms on Oracle SuperCluster without any changes to their code. 

Large number of customers are consolidating hundreds of their applications and databases on Oracle SuperCluster and are requiring their ISVs to support it.

ISVs can become Oracle SuperCluster Ready and Oracle SuperCluster Optimized by joining the Oracle Exastack program

Thursday Nov 22, 2012

OPN Developer Services for Solaris Developers

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who develop applications for Solaris 11 can exploit a number of interesting services as long as they are OPN Members with a Gold (or above) status and a Solaris Knowledge specialization:

  • Free access to a Solaris development cloud with preconfigured Solaris developer zones through the
  • Free access to patches and support information through MOS for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Solaris Studio, Oracle Solaris Cluster including updates for development systems 
  • Free email developer support for all questions around Oracle Solaris, Oracle Solaris Studio, Oracle Solaris Cluster and Oracle technologies integrating with Solaris 11

Monday Nov 12, 2007

Sun ISV Partnertag am 3.12.2007

Der ISV Partnertag am ein Forum für das technische Management unserer ISVs.

Wir wollen hier aufzeigen, welche technologischen Kernthemen Sun in der Zukunft vorantreiben wird
und wie eine technische Zusammenarbeit in 2008 mit ISVs ausschauen kann.

Die SunTechDays am 04. und 05.12.2007 richten sich vor allem an Entwickler mit den Schwerpunkten Java und Solaris.

Hier die Links zur Anmeldung:
ISV Partnertag am 03.12.2007:
Sun TechDays:

Für die TechDays biete ich Ihnen gern Freitickets an. Bitte schicken Sie mir eine kurze Email!


 Silke Pumberger


Wednesday May 23, 2007

Erstes deutsches Code Camp des Sun ISV Engineering

Erstes deutsches Solaris Code Camp des ISV Engineering in Walldorf am 19.6.2007[Read More]

Technical insights for and about ISV applications on Solaris and SPARC.
Application Availability, How-tos, Best Practices, Application Tuning and Results


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