Wednesday Jan 21, 2015

Software in Silicon Cloud for Partners and Developers (video)

Software in Silicon is a new revolutionary technology from Oracle with security benefits, database benefits, and increased capacity benefits. Software in Silicon Cloud for partners and developers provides early access to this technology, with a robust and secure cloud platform and ready-to-run virtual machine environments. It includes access to hardware-enabled functionality to detect and prevent data corruptions and security violations and includes the latest Oracle Solaris Studio release with tools that detect numerous types of memory corruption and aid developers in quickly improving code reliability. It is available to partners and developers today.

Watch this short video to learn more about the Software in Silicon Cloud and find out how to request access.

Monday Nov 03, 2014

Software in Silicon Innovations for Database

Juan Loaiza, Sr. VP of Technology at Oracle gave an overview of innovative new Software in Silicon technology and its benefits to databases and applications at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.

He talked about three key ways this new revolutionary technology enhances performance, capacity and reliability:

  • Extreme performance with DB in-memory acceleration engines
  • Increased data capacity with decompression engines
  • Revolutionary change to memory architecture that stops memory corruption, be it from malicious attacks or programmer errors

Watch the video to learn details:

Please note: developers can take advantage of this revolutionary technology using the Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud today!

Wednesday Oct 01, 2014

What happens when software moves into silicon?

On September 30, 2014 Oracle announced Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud which provides early access to revolutionary Software in Silicon technology that dramatically improves reliability and security, and accelerates application performance.

Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud provides developers a ready-to-run virtual machine environment to install, test, and improve their code in a robust and secure cloud platform powered by the revolutionary Software in Silicon technology in Oracle’s forthcoming SPARC M7 processor running Oracle Solaris.

Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud is available today and was introduced at Oracle OpenWorld by John Fowler in his keynote speech today. It is also featured in DEMOgrounds booth SC-170 in Moscone South.

“Oracle’s Software in Silicon technology in the SPARC M7 processor is the result of close co-engineering between our software and microprocessor teams and the benefits it will bring to customers are dramatic,” said John Fowler, executive vice president, Systems, Oracle. “With the Software in Silicon Cloud, developers can take advantage of this revolutionary technology, bulletproof their code, and develop and run databases and applications faster.”

One example of the great features of the SPARC M7 Software in Silicon technology is in-memory query acceleration of the Oracle Database. Read this blog to learn more.

What happens when software moves to silicon?

Find out by testing your applications on the Oracle Software in Silicon Cloud which provides developers a secure environment to test and improve their software and exploit the unique advantages of Oracle’s Software in Silicon technology.

Sunday Apr 13, 2008

First SSE Open Source Code Camp in Israel

Join the first Open Source Code Camp for Startup Essential Partners in Israel

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Code Camp will deal with analyzing Web 2.0 Applications with DTrace using Open Solaris. The target audience are developers, testing and QA-engineers who use JavaScript, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

  • Agenda:
    • 8:30 Registration

    • 9:00 "MySQL Futures" by Ivan Zoratti, SE Manager EMEA, MySQL Global Service Practise

    • 9:45 "Analyzing Web 2.0 Applications - AMP with Dtrace"by Peter Karlsson, Tech. Evangelist

    • 11:45 "CMT - the Web 2.0 Platform" by Rick Hetherington VP & Co CTO Sun Microelectronics

    • 12:30 Lunch

    • 13:00 End of lab exercises

  • Location: Megamot College: 94 Em Hamoshavot Rd., Park Azorim, Kiryat Aryeh, Petach Tikvah.

  • Registration: Through Email:CodeCamp-IL-Ext@Sun.COM

The camp will have a hands on part. The material provided for every participant is:.

  • 1 DVD with VMWare player for Linux and Windows

  • Solaris Developer Express Image with Solaris AMP stack all software for the Open Source Code Camp

  • Printouts of the presentation, walk through documents and the installation guide

The participation in the Open Source Code Camp if free of costs for all Sun Startup Essentials members. The number of seats are limited to 50.

The requirements for the hands on part is a laptop which will not be provided by Sun. The requirements are:

  • Minimum 1GB main memory (2GB recommended)
  • 10 GB of free disk space
  • DVD drive
  • Installed OS: Windows 2003/XP/Vista, Linux (RH, SUSE, Ubuntu), MacOS (bring your own Fusion player from VMWare with you!)

Tuesday Nov 13, 2007

OSSJ Training in Bonn/Germany next week

The TM Forum is running introductory MTOSI/OSSJ training in Bonn next week.
We have a number of seats remaining on the course which I am happy to
provide at a discount to your colleagues or members of this group.

Please get in touch with Christophe Ebro you would like to attend.

The full details can be viewed through:

Monday Nov 12, 2007

Sun ISV Partnertag am 3.12.2007

Der ISV Partnertag am ein Forum für das technische Management unserer ISVs.

Wir wollen hier aufzeigen, welche technologischen Kernthemen Sun in der Zukunft vorantreiben wird
und wie eine technische Zusammenarbeit in 2008 mit ISVs ausschauen kann.

Die SunTechDays am 04. und 05.12.2007 richten sich vor allem an Entwickler mit den Schwerpunkten Java und Solaris.

Hier die Links zur Anmeldung:
ISV Partnertag am 03.12.2007:
Sun TechDays:

Für die TechDays biete ich Ihnen gern Freitickets an. Bitte schicken Sie mir eine kurze Email!


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