Tuesday Aug 16, 2016

SAP & Oracle - Multitenant option on 12c with Solaris

Oracle and SAP share a multitude of enterprise customers who want to run their SAP solution on Oracle hardware with Oracle Database 12c.  This blog is part of Oracle’s ISV engineering effort to implement joint integration projects to ensure the latest technology is available for SAP and Oracle solutions.  

** ANNOUNCING ** Customers running Netweaver-based SAP applications on Oracle Database 12c can now register as early Oracle Multitenant adopters (more info)

So, what is “Multitenant”,  and why should you care?!

IT organizations are severely challenged to achieve high levels of database consolidation density without incurring major development and administrative overheads.  Oracle Multitenant introduces a new architecture to Database 12c, which enables easy consolidation of multiple databases without the effort of changing the underlying applications. 

There are many benefits to this, but key is that standardizing on fewer moving parts in the data center helps to maximize the value of consolidation.  As the world moves toward a cloud-computing model, primary to that journey is database consolidation.  This new architecture delivers all the savings of managing many databases as one, yet also retains the isolation and resource prioritization of having separate databases.  Oracle Multitenant also enables rapid provisioning and upgrades, and fully complements other options including Oracle Real Application Clusters and Active DataGuard.  In a nutshell, it tackles major database consolidation issues.  Read this product brief for more details.

Now, lets talk about of how you install the Multitenant option.

SAP systems can be installed on Oracle Multitenant databases with SWPM (Software Provisioning Manager).  We collected first-hand experience of Oracle Multitenant by installing two SAP systems on a SPARC Solaris server.

 - The container database is: MTT.

 - The corresponding pluggable databases are: QO1 & QO2

Before installation, prepare the groups (oinstall, dba, oper, sapsys, sapinst), users (oracle, oramtt, sapadm, qo1adm, qo2adm), projects (MTT, QO1 & QO2), and kernel parameters for user root. Please refer to SAP note 724713 for projects and kernel parameters on Oracle Solaris 10 & 11 systems.

1. The first SAP system "QO1" is installed with the container database "MTT" and pluggable database "QO1".


Start sapinst, enter the required information as usual until the screen „SAP System Database“. Enter the container database MTT as „Database ID (DBSID)“ on this screen, and then continue as usual.


Download the latest SAP Kernel Packages and other required archives from SAP Support Portal. On the screen „Software Package Browser“, enter the absolute path to the download folder.


On the screen „Oracle Multitenant Database“ choose the option „CDB and PDB“.


Perform the remaining steps of SAP installation as usual.

2. The second SAP system QO2 is installed with pluggable database QO2 within the existing container database MTT

Start the sapinst as usual, on the screen „Oracle Database“, choose „Install Additional Pluggable DB in Existing Container DB“.


On the screen „Oracle Multitenant Database“, choose „PDB“.



Perform the remaining steps of SAP installation as usual.

SAP and Oracle will continue to provide customers with additional joint statements and details at www.oracle.com and www.sap.com.  For more information, please refer to:

 - Oracle for SAP:  http://www.oracle.com/sap

Wednesday Aug 10, 2016

Tieto Card Suite Optimized on Oracle SuperCluster

Tieto is the largest company in the Nordics that provides full lifecycle IT services, as well as product development for private and public organizations. Tieto Card Suite is a set of off-the-shelf software packages supporting full life cycle of retail payments, from card issuing and acquiring, including e-commerce and mobile payments, to merchant management, transaction switching and clearing. Tieto Card Suite serves more than 500 financial institutions in over 30 counties in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Recently Tieto and Oracle engineers conducted performance benchmarks and tuning on Oracle SuperCluster and Tieto achieved Oracle SuperCluster Optimized status. Oracle SuperCluster, an Oracle Engineered System, combines revolutionary Oracle Database efficiency and performance with near-zero-overhead secure multitenancy and private-cloud management tools to create a complete secure, cloud infrastructure for database and applications.

The following solution stack was tested:

  • Tieto Card Suite
  • Oracle  Supercluster M7
  • Oracle Database 12c Release 1
  • Oracle Database, Advanced Security Option
  • Oracle Solaris 11
  • Oracle Tuxedo 12cR2

Powerful Performance and Security

These tests demonstrated results that far exceeded original goals:

  • more than 10,000 tps for switching between networks including HSM cryptography operations
  • more than 5,000 tps for full cycle cards authorizations with average response time less than 0.1 second

Tieto Card Suite along with Oracle SuperCluster and Thales HSMs deliver stable and future proof payment processing platform ensuring financial institutions capabilities to deliver continuous service processing high volumes and scalability to cope with volume growth in the future.   

Monday May 11, 2015

Oracle for SAP Technology Update

Oracle and SAP have had an ongoing commitment to tens of thousands of joint customers for over 27 years. Deploying SAP applications on Oracle platforms delivers end-to-end SAP infrastructure solutions that improve productivity and performance, increase system utilization, and create an eco-friendly data center. The two companies recently renewed their longstanding reseller and support agreements to provide enhanced access to Oracle Database technology and world class customer support.

The Oracle for SAP Technology Update is an annual publication that provides updates and information about Oracle products and services for SAP customers. The latest update was published this month.  Example topics covered are:

  • Oracle Database 12c for SAP: Roadmap and Base Certification Features 
  • Implementing a Data Management Infrastructure for SAP with Oracle Database Options and Packs
  • Why Oracle Database and Engineered Systems for SAP
  • Oracle Mission-Critical Support Services for SAP Customers
  • Oracle DB and Oracle Solaris related Notes for SAP
  • Why more and more SAP customers are migrating to Solaris
  • Oracle Security Solutions for SAP environments
  • Customer Examples

You can get the full report here: Oracle for SAP Technology Update #24

Thursday Nov 13, 2014

Murex Looks to SPARC Solaris Systems to Provide Value

Managing risk in a real-time capital market industry is something Murex customers have been doing successfully for over 27 years.  Murex builds software platforms for integrated trading, risk management, processing and clearing solutions for financial institutions, corporations and utilities located across the globe.

Murex has a long history with Oracle, starting with SPARC Solaris systems in 1992, moving to a Java development platform in 1998, and beginning development on the Oracle Database back in 2001.  Murex customers demand reliable solutions, which are extremely secure and very performant — as they are operating in real-time.  

In this video [click on picture below], Fabrice Blanc, Alliances Director, Murex, describes why 80% of Murex customers run on Solaris systems today.  He also describes the partnership with Oracle and how they are now looking to explore new emerging technologies like Database 12c and the Oracle cloud.

Monday Nov 03, 2014

Real-time Analytics with MicroStrategy and Oracle

Oracle and MicroStrategy, a gold certified Oracle Partner, have been working closely on testing out the Oracle Database 12 in-memory option on the M6 SPARC server and Oracle Solaris.

Significant number of MicroStrategy customers use Oracle as their main database platform.With the introduction of the Oracle Database In-Memory Option, it is now possible to run real-time, ad-hoc, analytic queries on your business data as it exists right at this moment and receive results in sub-seconds. True real-tine analytics.

Powered by the new SPARC M6 processors, the SPARC M6-32 server is Oracle's big memory machine. With up to 32 terabytes of memory it delivers extreme performance for in-memory databases and business analytics applications.

Jochen Demuth, Director of Partner Engineering at MicroStrategy, discusses this work and how the combination of the MicroStrategy Analytics Platform using Oracle Database 12c In-memory option on Oracle M6 Big memory machines provides real-time analytics to customers in this video:

Sunday Apr 15, 2012

Oracle Enterprise Manager version 12c is available on Solaris 11 (SPARC)

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center  logo

Oracle Enterprise Manager version 12c is now available on Oracle Solaris 10 and 11 (SPARC). Visit the download page to get more details.


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