Monday Apr 04, 2016

OPN Solutions Catalog: Live Partner Trainings

Are you taking full advantage of your OPN membership benefits? Are you managing your company’s OPN Solutions Catalog profile? If not you’re missing out on a quick and easy way to promote your business. Over 30,000 customers, partners, and Oracle employees search the Catalog per month! To learn more attend one of our live trainings

Friday Apr 17, 2015

Solutions Catalog: Market Your Offerings To Over 30k Oracle Customers/Month

As an OPN member, you’re given a free profile on the OPN Solutions Catalog – a partner finder used by customers and Oracle sales reps. Take full advantage of this valuable marketing tool. Learn more!

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

New OPN Solutions Catalog Partner Trainings Available!

Attend the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Solutions Catalog training on Oct 16th or 29th! This free online directory gets over 30K visitors a month, see more training details here.

Monday Jan 14, 2013

New to OPN Solutions Catalog: Search Partners by Resale Rights

With the latest release of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Solutions Catalog, OPN member profiles now include product resale rights. This designation is available to all partners who have a valid distribution agreement. Another new feature allows your company and its solutions to be searched regionally, down to the city level.