Monday Apr 08, 2013

SPARC Launch Event This Spring (Multiple Cities)

Attend one of 30 in-person SPARC events across North America to learn more about how your organization can benefit from the extreme performance power of the new SPARC servers with the world's fastest microprocessor. John Fowler will keynote these events in NYC, Chicago, and Dallas. John and Mark Hurd will co-host a hardware-focused executive round-table in Dallas. You can also watch the pre-recorded launch webcast where Larry Ellison and John Fowler unveiled the latest SPARC servers to the world and can visit the SPARC homepage to learn more.

Webcast Replay: Watch the New SPARC Servers PartnerCast

Did you miss this week’s SPARC Servers PartnerCast? Watch Missed the last PartnerCast on SPARC Servers Update? Replays are available here.