Monday Mar 10, 2014

A New OPN Certified Specialist Beta Voucher Request Form Is Available To Partners!

The new request form provides a series of enhancements for the partner experience:

  • A drop down menu allows the partner to select the exam out of the ongoing OPN beta exams
  • The intro section offers an overview of the OPN Beta exams process
  • The vouchers policy is also available

Please note that a limited number of OPN beta vouchers is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis for ongoing beta exams only (a full list can be found here). 

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012


Effective December 7, 2012, the highest level of support in the industry, Oracle Platinum Services, is now enabled by a free software gateway downloaded from My Oracle Support. The new gateway can be installed in three configurations: 1) on servers provided by the customer, 2) on servers purchased from Oracle, or 3) installed directly on Exalogic or SPARC SuperCluster Engineered Systems. Review the complete update here.