Wednesday Nov 25, 2015

Oracle Partner Store Enhancements Impact Partner Deal Registration

As of November 9, the following enhancements were made in the OPS deal registration tool: 

  1. Deal Extension process automation
  2. Marketing Source Code selection
These enhancement impacts how you register deals. Be sure to view the archived OMM training sessions to learn more.

Tuesday Aug 11, 2015

Cloud Services Distribution Addendum to the FUDA (CSDA) Now Available in OPS

The Cloud Services Distribution Addendum to the FUDA (CSDA) and Cloud Services Distribution Schedule to the ISV Master Full Use Addendum (CSDS) are now available in Oracle Partner Store for you to apply for. The link to apply will appear on the current active FUDA or ISV MA Full Use addendum line item on the ‘Distribution Agreements’ tab of the MEMBERSHIP section in OPS. Online acceptance of the terms of the addendum will be available for a limited number of countries in August, with availability for additional countries to follow in the coming months (for those countries that allow online acceptance). 

Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

OMM Deal Registration Partner Policy Update

Effective August 1, 2015, several important changes will be made to the Oracle Open Market Model ("OMM") Global Policies.  These changes are being made to standardize the Policies worldwide and recognize partners for bringing business to Oracle.  Details of these changes will be published in the OMM Policy effective August 1, 2015.

Highlights of some of these changes are summarized as follows:

–    Partners are now required to request their OMM fee payment via the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) within 180 days of deal close. Please note this does not apply to OPN IP Registration Rebates.

–    As announced June 22, 2015, partners can submit product and opportunity updates to their existing approved resale registrations via the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) at any time during the sales cycle.  

–    In JAPAC, the Value-based Project Registration (VPR) initiative will be available. Dates to be announced.

–    In the U.S., partners can now submit deal registrations for private utilities customers and private healthcare customers.  Healthcare customer registration available for resale only and requires special validation by the partner.

–    Across all regions, North America, EMEA, Latin America, Japan, and Asia Pacific, the Co-Sell Initiative is no longer open to transactions with any public sector entity.

Scheduled OMM Training will provide further information about these policy updates.  Partners are requested to contact their regional OMM team alias with questions regarding this notice or Oracle's OMM Global Policies.

•    EMEA -

•    NAS –

•    APAC -

•    Japan -

•    LAD -

Thursday Jun 25, 2015

NOW LIVE: Update Your Registered Opportunities Via OPS

Effective as of June 22, you can now update your registered resale opportunities within the Oracle Partner Store (OPS). This new functionality makes it easier than ever for you to communicate your product updates and status changes to Oracle! View the complete partner announcement!

Friday Apr 17, 2015

Q4 FY15 Oracle Partner Store Enhancements

On April 20, the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) will will go live with enhancements benefiting its ordering and deal registration sections. Additional improvements to the user interface will also be released. For details on each enhancement please review the announcement.

Friday Jan 30, 2015

Oracle Partner Store FY15 Q3 System Enhancements

Effective January 30, 2015, Oracle will go live with the following enhancements in the Oracle Partner Store (OPS):

Automated License Definitions and Rules (LDR) process on the Oracle Partner Store. Partners in the online eligible countries will be able to initiate the End User LDR document (Apps, Tech & Combined) online through OPS.

The End User License Definitions and Rules are a critical part of every software license that Oracle grants to a customer. Please review the License Definition and Rules Policy for complete details.

General LDR Information

» The Online LDR will be available for the same countries as Online TOMA. You can find the list of online eligible countries here. Countries not live on the Online LDR will continue to use the hardcopy version

» The LDR documents no longer contain the table for products or the reference to the term end user agreement


How does Online LDR benefit you?

» Initiate within OPS and end user acceptance online

» Track your request status directly in OPS

» Follow up on, and resend pending LDR requests

» Utilize a shared database of end customers from Deal Registration and Ordering

» Quicker order processing

Click here to learn more!

Monday Jul 21, 2014

Oracle Partner Store (OPS) Updates

We are pleased to announce that on the 21st of July, Oracle Partner Store (OPS) will release the below enhancements!:

  • Deal Registration Extension
  • Public Sector End Customer Validation
  • Brazil Only: Decoupled Support
  • Non Functional Currency
  • Currency Restriction for Credit Card Payment Method
  • Argentina and Venezuela Only: Restriction on End User
  • Argentina, Colombia, and India Only: Address Requirement Change
  • ASFU Application Package Registration Form Updates

For more details, click here. To contact OPS Support for assistance on Oracle Partner Store, please contact the OPS Support team for your region.


Friday Mar 21, 2014

NOW LIVE: New Program & Enrollments OPN Membership System

The Oracle PartnerNetwork is pleased to announce Membership Programs and Enrollments (P&E) are now live in the Oracle Partner Store (OPS).  OPS now offers P&E processes that are streamlined, automated, and fully integrated with deal registration and ordering.  If you weren’t able to attend our live training, please take a few minutes to watch the replay on the OPN training page.  In addition, you can visit our OPN Information Center for updated processes and tutorials or reach out to your regional Partner Business Center for more information.

Wednesday Mar 12, 2014

Now Live: New Program & Enrollments OPN Membership System

The Oracle PartnerNetwork is pleased to announce Membership Programs and Enrollments (P&E) are now live in the Oracle Partner Store (OPS). OPS now offers P&E processes that are streamlined, automated, and fully integrated with deal registration and ordering.

P&E Processes now in OPS:

  • Company Registration
  • OPN Membership Applications and Payments
  • Partner Agreements
  • Resell Rights and Distribution Rights Applications
  • Specializations

Please take a few minutes to attend one of our training sessions on March 12th. Training details can be found here and on our OPN Specialized Webcast Calendar training page. You can also visit our OPN Information Center for updated processes and tutorials! Read more here.

Wednesday Oct 09, 2013

OPN Programs & Enrollments Moving to the Oracle Partner Store (OPS)

In the new year, Oracle’s Programs and Enrollment solution will be moved to the Oracle Partner Store. One simplified interface will automate Resell Rights, Distribution Rights, Program Enrollment & Renewal, Specialization and more. Watch this 3 minute video for more details.

Friday Jun 28, 2013

Oracle Partner Store (OPS) New Enhancements

Effective June 29th, Oracle Partner Store (OPS) will release the enhancements listed below to improve your overall ordering experience.

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