Thursday Oct 15, 2015

DBaaS with OpenStack & MySQL - 21 October

In this webcast, we will review OpenStack and how it is used, as well as the benefits of DBaaS with MySQL Enterprise Edition and OpenStack in order to create new business opportunities for your company. Register here

Tuesday Sep 22, 2015

New MySQL marketing kits now available!

  • How can MySQL help your partners drive their digital transformation initiatives + win in the digital economy? Download this new marketing kit and find out why digital transformation is at the center of the CIO’s agenda, and how MySQL can help IT executives achieve their goals.

  • DBaaS is a great way to accelerate your digital transformation projects and drive innovation. But what’s the best way to implement it? MySQL together with OpenStack. With its top-flight security and availability, it’s the ideal way to keep your partner’s company agile while reducing risks and costs. Sound interesting? Learn more!

Monday Sep 14, 2015

NEW MARKETING KIT: Deliver Database-as-a-Service with MySQL & OpenStack

Database as a Service powered by OpenStack and MySQL Enterprise Edition can help executives improve organizational agility and scalability while lowering risks and costs. IT departments can ensure database deployments are secure and managed according to best practices, which is very important considering how MySQL typically spreads into organizations, i.e. akin to shadow IT. Moreover, relying on Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux offers them the opportunity to benefit from end to end support from Oracle for their entire infrastructure. Download this new marketing kit  to learn how MySQL together with OpenStack can help accelerate digital transformation projects and drive innovation. 

Thursday Sep 03, 2015

MySQL Partner Jump-start Webcast Series

Please join us for the monthly MySQL Partner Jump-start Webcast Series that will keep you up to date with the latest MySQL strategy, product offerings and go-to-market programs specifically for partners.

Digital Transformation with MySQL Enterprise Edition - 16th Sept, 2015

DBaaS with OpenStack & MySQL - 21st Oct, 2015

MySQL Enterprise Security Features - 18th Nov, 2015

Thursday Jul 02, 2015

MySQL Partner Jumpstart Webinar: MySQL Enterprise Edition

Learn why MySQL is the #1 most popular Open source relational database and how to leverage MySQL Enterprise Edition to maximize performance with reduced cost, lower than any other competitor.

This video includes the latest features included in MySQL Enterprise Edition, partner opportunities, management tools and technical support and certifications.

Wednesday Jun 03, 2015

Jump-start Your Knowledge On the Latest MySQL Enterprise Edition Features and Enhancements!

Are you aware of all the latest features included in MySQL Enterprise Edition? Jump start to our live MySQL webinar – scheduled for Tuesday, June 9th @2PM EST and get familiar with the latest MySQL innovation!

Tuesday Mar 17, 2015

NEW: Oracle Linux 7.1 and MySQL 5.6 Announcements

Wim Coekaerts talks about Oracle Linux and MySQL 5.6, and secure booth support in Oracle Linux 7.1. Read more here!

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Take Advantage of Proprietary Application Hosting Language with MySQL

The new MySQL Sales Kit is now available for download. Uncover ways to take advantage of MySQL Enterprise Edition’s key attributes for Web and SaaS/Cloud adoption and success!

Friday Jan 09, 2015

New Marketing Kit MySQL: Scalability for Next-Generation Web Applications

With more than 15 million active installs, MySQL Enterprise is the leading open source database solution behind many of today’s Web applications. In fact, 5 of the 5 Top Websites Are Powered by MySQL. Whether you’re a new startup or a global corporation, database downtime can mean revenue loss. No wonder Twitter, Facebook, eBay and millions more of the world’s busiest websites rely on MySQL. It scales to your needs – and it’s so cost-effective too! Download this new marketing kit and learn why MySQL is the best choice for web and cloud applications.

Monday Jun 30, 2014

New Marketing Kit: MySQL For Oracle Linux

This new marketing kit highlights the huge benefits of using MySQL on Oracle Linux. The two products together give you unparalleled performance, reliability and ease of use along with ultra-low TCO. The world’s most popular open source database running on Oracle Linux delivers market-leading performance and reliability– while remaining very cost-effective to operate. Intrigued? Download this ready-to-use marketing kit and find out how you can win more with MySQL and Linux.

Monday Aug 26, 2013

Discover MySQL Opportunities for Partners – OPN PartnerCast

Nick Kritikos, VP of Partner Enablement interviews Rich Mason, SVP of Linux, Virtualization & MySQL Sales, to discuss MySQL - world's most popular open source database for the Web, latest product developments and MySQL opportunities for partners.

Watch this video OPN: MySQL Opportunities for Partners to learn how MySQL fits into the Oracle ecosystem, and discover new revenue opportunities with MySQL – now a certified part of Oracle’s open, complete, and integrated stack of technology – from application to disk.