Tuesday Sep 22, 2015

New MySQL marketing kits now available!

  • How can MySQL help your partners drive their digital transformation initiatives + win in the digital economy? Download this new marketing kit and find out why digital transformation is at the center of the CIO’s agenda, and how MySQL can help IT executives achieve their goals.

  • DBaaS is a great way to accelerate your digital transformation projects and drive innovation. But what’s the best way to implement it? MySQL together with OpenStack. With its top-flight security and availability, it’s the ideal way to keep your partner’s company agile while reducing risks and costs. Sound interesting? Learn more!

Monday Sep 14, 2015

NEW MARKETING KIT: Deliver Database-as-a-Service with MySQL & OpenStack

Database as a Service powered by OpenStack and MySQL Enterprise Edition can help executives improve organizational agility and scalability while lowering risks and costs. IT departments can ensure database deployments are secure and managed according to best practices, which is very important considering how MySQL typically spreads into organizations, i.e. akin to shadow IT. Moreover, relying on Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux offers them the opportunity to benefit from end to end support from Oracle for their entire infrastructure. Download this new marketing kit  to learn how MySQL together with OpenStack can help accelerate digital transformation projects and drive innovation. 

Thursday Jun 25, 2015

New Marketing Kit: Save up to 90% with MySQL on Windows

Oracle’s new marketing kit helps position MySQL as a compelling alternative to MS SQL Server and other Microsoft database solutions for Web-based, departmental & custom enterprise applications as well as embedded applications. MySQL also integrates into the Oracle environment, making it very easy for Oracle database customers to manage MySQL using their existing and familiar tools. Review our marketing kit and find out how you can achieve dramatic cost savings.

Wednesday Apr 15, 2015

Empower Your People With a Modern ERP Cloud

Generate new opportunities and increase sales with the ready to use Oracle ERP Cloud Marketing Kit. The video Empower Your People With a Modern ERP Cloud provides an overview of the new ERP Marketing Kit, teaches you how to use a marketing kit and presents the bill of materials for the ERP Marketing Kit.

Friday Apr 10, 2015

How to Find Partner Marketing & Sales Resources

This new OPN video provides a step-by-step guide on how to find partner resources such as marketing kits, sales quick reference guides, training tools, and more!

Monday Feb 02, 2015

Now available! Oracle HCM Cloud Marketing Kit

Generate new opportunities and increase sales with the ready to use Oracle HCM Cloud Marketing Kit. The video Using the Oracle HCM Cloud Marketing Kit provides an overview of the market and strategy, as well as how to use the resources in the marketing kit.

Monday Jan 26, 2015

NEW: FS1 Flash Storage System Marketing Kit

Now available on the OPN Marketing Kits Page - Oracle FS1: Maximize Flash Performance & Economics. A complete kit with demand generation, sales & marketing resources.

Monday May 26, 2014

New Oracle Communications Marketing Kit Now Available!

Oracle Communications has recently launched Oracle Enterprise Communications Solutions for SIP Trunking. Our ready to use campaign material and templates will help you professionally target your audience and run effective marketing activities while saving time and cost. Please contact us to learn more.

Wednesday Oct 16, 2013

New! MySQL Partner Marketing Kit

Have a look at the new MySQL partner marketing kit and gain valuable information that can help you drive leads and grow your business!

Monday Sep 02, 2013

New! Oracle Partner Marketing Kits Video

Oracle Partner Marketing Kits are packed full of resources to help partners market and sell Oracle products. Each kit is composed of a guidance document, a telemarketing script, eBlast templates, and copy blocks that help partners tailor their message. Other kit resources include white papers, webcasts, social media copy blocks, and more. View the Oracle Partner Marketing Kits video to find more information on how Oracle Partner Marketing Kits help partners drive leads, close deals, and grow their business. Watch this video to learn how Oracle Partner Marketing Kits help partners grow their business.