Monday Mar 23, 2015

Top Exastack ISV headlines – Week ending March 20

Siemens PLM Teamcenter Optimized on Oracle SuperCluster. “Combining Teamcenter with Oracle SuperCluster gives our customers a secure, stable, high-performance platform for future growth.” – Learn more.

Wednesday Mar 04, 2015

PartnerCast Replay: ISV & OEM Partner Program Update

·         Oracle Engineered Systems for ISVs David Hicks, VP of WW ISV & OEM Business Development, hosts Sohan DeMel, VP of Product Strategy & Business Development at Oracle, and Todd Goldman, VP of Product Strategy for Data Integration at Informatica, to discuss the benefits of Engineered Systems for ISVs and how Informatica has been able to monetize their applications running on Oracle engineered systems. Watch today!

Tuesday Feb 24, 2015

Top Exastack ISV Headlines - February 24

On Demand Webcast for ISVs designed to illustrate the opportunity and impact Oracle engineered systems are having around rapid application deployment, accelerated performance, and streamlined support. Register here!

Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Top Exastack ISV headlines – Week ending February 13

Digital Reasoning’s cognitive computing platform, Synthesys, has achieved Oracle Big Data Appliance Optimized. The combination of Digital Reasoning’s Synthesys platform and Oracle’s Big Data Appliance makes it possible to analyze tens of millions of emails, chats and documents in a matter of hours – Read more

Monday Feb 02, 2015

Top Exastack ISV headline – Week ending January 30

More than 475 partner applications have been designated Oracle Exalogic Ready indicating that they are supported and ready to run on Oracle Exalogic. Additionally, over 50 partner applications have been tested and tuned with Oracle Exalogic and have achieved Oracle Exalogic Optimized status – Read more.

Monday Jan 26, 2015

Webcast: Oracle Exadata X5-2 & Benefits for ISVs – January 26

Join this informational webcast for the ISV/OEM & Java Sales team to learn about the upcoming Exadata X5-2 announcement. This webcast will be recorded. To get more information click here.

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending January 16

Infosys Finacle core banking solution running on an Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 system recently set a new global benchmark for the number of transactions processed across key banking functions. A new whitepaper describes the technical details behind the testing and results – Learn more

Friday Jan 09, 2015

Gain early access to revolutionary Software in Silicon technology - January 21

ISV Engineering is offering an exciting opportunity to learn about the NEW offering for developers who want early access to revolutionary Software in Silicon technology. In this LIVE webinar (8am PST), partners will learn how to use the NEW Software in Silicon Cloud to dramatically improve reliability and security, and accelerate application performance. Register today!

Tuesday Dec 16, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending December 12

2014 Brazil Election Results are in: Exalogic Wins the Day. Both the Brazilian government and the ISV, Griaule Biometrics, are proud of their advanced design and outstanding accomplishment – Read more!

Tuesday Dec 02, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending November 28

In this video, Paul Kent – Vice President of Big Data at SAS – discusses SAS strategy for Big Data analytics and how Oracle Engineered Systems simplify implementations for customers – Watch video.

Monday Nov 17, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending November 14

MicroStrategy Analytics Platform is Oracle Exadata, Exalogic and SuperCluster Ready. At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, MicroStrategy talked about Oracle Database 12c In-memory and testing on Oracle M6 Big memory machines – Watch here.

Tuesday Nov 11, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending November 7

  • Nuage Networks achieves Oracle Exadata, Exalytics, Oracle Database Appliance + Oracle Big Data Appliance Ready Status. “Our work with Oracle continues to fuel the success Nuage Networks has achieved over the past year” – Read more 
  • TAS Group’s GGTFM/Network Gateway, a payment solution, is Exalogic Optimized. At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, TAS Group talked about how Exadata, Exalogic and Big Data are the recommended solutions for their customers – Watch here

Monday Nov 03, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending October 31

  • Kalido’s Information Engine is Exadata Optimized. At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, Kalido talks about how Information Engine leverages Oracle’s in-database processing to deliver exceptional performance – Watch here
  • SAS Performance Analytics is Exadata Optimized and SAS Marketing Automating is SuperCluster Optimized. At Oracle OpenWorld 2014, SAS talks about how Oracle’s engineered systems are uncovering new opportunities for the SAS customer base – Watch here

Monday Oct 20, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending October 17

  • Mednet’s MedNext+, a solution for managing health insurance risks, is now Oracle Exadata and Exalogic Optimized – Watch now.
  • MicroStrategy leverages the processing power of Oracle Database 12c in its Mobile Platform and enterprise analytics by pushing analytics to the database – Learn more.

Tuesday Oct 14, 2014

Top Exastack ISV Partner Headlines – Week Ending October 10

  • IFS™ Applications achieves Oracle Database Appliance Optimized and launches IFS-In-A-Box on Oracle Database Appliance – Read more
  • Informatica’s data integration software – Informatica PowerCenter and Data Quality – have achieved Oracle Exadata and SuperCluster Optimized status. “Oracle Exadata and Oracle SuperCluster offer the pinnacle of performance, availability and scalability for running Oracle Database, and Informatica is proud” – Read more