Tuesday Feb 17, 2015

Get your Oracle Mobile Development 2015 Implementation Specialist Certification!

Oracle Mobile Development 2015 Essentials Exam (1Z1-441) is now available in beta testing. This certification covers topics such as: Mobile Application Framework (MAF), Mobile Application Framework (MAF) Data Layer, User Interface (UI) Development and App Security.  Take the exam for free while in beta testing by requesting a discounted voucher via the OPN Beta Certified Specialist Exam voucher request form.

Friday Jan 23, 2015

Oracle Certification Program Beta exam vouchers

A number of certification exams are currently being offered for free while in beta testing mode.  Beta exams are pre-production exams used by Oracle to evaluate new exam questions with the participation of a live audience. This allows Oracle to develop and evaluate test questions before releasing the exams publically. If you are interested in participating, you may submit an OPN Beta Certified Specialist Exam Voucher Request Form to take the exam for free. Click here to view a list of all beta exams currently available!

Monday Dec 22, 2014

New Exams In Beta: Oracle Commerce 11 Guided Search & Platform Development Implementation Essentials

The OPN Specialization Program is committed to educating and enabling Oracle’s rapidly growing partner base. The Oracle Commerce solution enables selling experiences that drive clicks and conversions for the world’s biggest and best brands. Partners can prove their skills and differentiate themselves in the market place by earning OPN Certified Specialist certifications. Make sure you request a FREE exam voucher and become an Oracle Commerce 11 Guided Search or Oracle Commerce 11 Platform Development Certified Implementation Specialists today!

Monday Oct 27, 2014

Oracle Commerce 11 Platform Development Implementation Essentials Exam Now available in Beta!

Oracle Commerce solutions power the world’s biggest and best brands. We enable you to deliver a consistent, relevant, and personalized omni-channel buying experience. Rweview the new certification !

Tuesday Jun 10, 2014

Standout From The Crowd: Oracle Social Relationship Management Implementation Essentials Exam Is Now Available In Beta!

Get certified in implementing the most complete social relationship management solution on the market. Passing the exam means you will be recognized as an Implementation Specialist for Oracle Social Relationship Management. Schedule your exam as soon as possible to benefit from our exclusive vouchers which can waive the entire exam fee!

Monday May 26, 2014

New exam in Beta! Check out the newest version of Oracle Real Application Clusters - 12c!

Ready for a new challenge? Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c is now in Beta! Get prepared for the latest beta exam of Database pillar! Register now!

Monday Mar 10, 2014

A New OPN Certified Specialist Beta Voucher Request Form Is Available To Partners!

The new request form provides a series of enhancements for the partner experience:

  • A drop down menu allows the partner to select the exam out of the ongoing OPN beta exams
  • The intro section offers an overview of the OPN Beta exams process
  • The vouchers policy is also available

Please note that a limited number of OPN beta vouchers is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis for ongoing beta exams only (a full list can be found here).