Partner Webcast: Oracle Internet of Things Platform: Solutions for a Connected World

Oracle’s Internet of Things Platform has been created to provide a secure and integrated environment to face all new challenges and enable you to enter the IoT era. It is based on Java – portable platform and most popular programming language in the world. Runs on variety of devices, starting from SIM cards, through Raspberry Pi’s, Blue Ray recorders, commodity servers etc and up to most powerful machines ever created (like Oracle’s engineered systems).

In this webcast we will focus on the on-device building blocks for Oracle’s IoT platform, showing you how to navigate and put together the puzzle that is critical for the Internet of Things. Read more here!


  • Introduction to Oracle’s IoT Platform
    • On Device Platform
    • Data Center Platform
  • On-Device Java platform: Java Embedded Suite (JES)
  • On-Device event processing: Oracle Event Processing for JES
  • Demo – how to run JES and OEP on Raspberry Pi
  • Summary and Q&A

This FREE online LIVE eSeminar will be delivered over the Web. Registrations received less than 24hours prior to start time may not receive confirmation to attend.

Presenter:  Lukasz Romaszewski – FMW Specialist, Oracle Partner Hub Migration Center

Date: Thursday, May 29th, 10am CET (9am GMT/11am EEST)
Duration: 1 hour

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