Oracle Partner Store (OPS) New Enhancements

Effective June 29th, Oracle Partner Store (OPS) will release the enhancements listed below to improve your overall ordering experience.

 Online Transactional Oracle Master Agreement (Online TOMA)

The Online TOMA enables end users to execute a transactional end user license agreement with Oracle. The new Online TOMA in OPS will replace the need for you to obtain a signed hard copy of the TOMA from the end user.

You will now initiate the Online TOMA via OPS.


OPS Home > Order Tools > Online TOMA Query > Request Online TOMA> End User Contact, click “Select for TOMA” > Select Language > Submit (an automated email is sent immediately to the requestor and the end user)

The Online TOMA can also be initiated from the ‘My OPS’ tab.

Under the Online TOMA Query section partners can track Online TOMA request details submitted to end users. The status of the Online TOMA request and the OMA Key generated (once Ts&Cs of the Online TOMA are accepted by an end user) are also displayed in this table. There is also the ability to resend pending Online TOMA requests by clicking ‘Resend’.


OPS Home > Order Tools > Online TOMA Query

For more details on the Transactional OMA, please click here.

Convert Deals to Carts

The partner deal registration system within OPS will now allow you to convert approved deals into carts with a simple click of a button. VADs can use Deal to Cart on all of their partners' registrations, regardless of whether they submitted on their partner's behalf, or the partner submitted themselves.


Login > Deal Registrations > Deal Registration List > Open the approved deal > Click Deal Reg ID number link to open > Click on 'Create Cart' link

You can locate your newly created cart in the Saved Carts section of OPS. Links are also available from within an open deal or from the Deal Registration List. Click on the cart number to proceed.

Partner Opportunity Management:

Deal Registration on OPS now allows you to see updated information on your opportunities from Oracle’s Fusion CRM opportunity management system.  Key fields such as close date, sales stage, products and status can be viewed by clicking the opportunity ID associated with the deal registration.  This new feature allows you to see regular updates to your opportunities after registrations are approved.  Through ongoing communication with Oracle Channel Managers and Sales Reps, you can ensure that Oracle has the latest information on your active registered deals.

Product Recommendations:

When adding products to the Deal Registrations tab, OPS will now show additional products that you can try to include to maximize your sale and rebate.

Advanced Customer Support(ACS) Services

Note: This will be available from July 9th.

Initiate the purchase of the complete stack (HW/SW/Services) online with one single OPS order.

More ACS services now supported online with exception of Start-Up Pack:

New SW installation services for Standard Configurations & stand alone System Software.

New Pre-production & Go-live services for Standard & Engineered Systems

New SW configuration & Platinum Pre-Production & Go-Live services for Engineered Systems

New Travel & Expenses Estimate included

New Partner & VAD volume discount supported

Software as a Service (SaaS) for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs):

Oracle SaaS ISVs can now use OPS to submit their monthly usage reports to Oracle within 20 days after the end of every month.


OPS Home > Cart > Transaction Type: Partner SaaS for ISV’s > Add Eligible Products > Check out

Existing Approvals:

In an effort to reduce the processing time of discount approvals, we have added a new section in the Request Approval page for you to communicate pre-existing approvals without having to attach the DAT. Just enter the Approval ID and submit your request.

In case of existing software approvals, you will be required to submit the DAT with the Contact Information section filled out.

Additional data for Shipping Box Labels and Packing Slips

OPS now has additional fields in the Shipping Notes section for you to add PO details. This will help you easily identify shipments as they arrive.

Partners will have an End User PO field, whereas VADs will have VAR and End User PO fields.

Shipping Notes on OPS

Hardware delivery Shipping Notes will now have multiple options to better suit your requirements.

Reminders for Royalty Reporting Partners:

If you have not submitted your royalty report online, OPS will now send an automated alert to remind you.

Order Tracker Changes:

Order Tracker will now have a deal reg flag (Yes/No). You can now clearly distinguish between orders that have registered opportunities.

All lines of the order will be visible in the order details list.

Changes in Terminology

You will notice textual changes on some of our labels and messages relating to approval requests. “Discount Requests” has been replaced with “Approval Requests” to cater to some of our other offerings.

First Line Support (FLS) transaction type has been renamed to Support Provider Partner (SPP).

OPS Support

For more details on these enhancements, please request a training here.

For assistance on the Oracle Partner Store, please contact the OPS support team in your region.






You can even call us on our Hotline! Find your local number here.    

Thank you,

Oracle Partner Store Support Team      

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