Monday Jul 07, 2014

Oracle Communications: Unleashing customer’s data to deliver personalized customer experience

Oracle Communication Data Model (OCDM) has become a corner stone for storing, analyzing and pushing meaningful data into the business users for decision making. It will address:

  • the data definition, alignment with the latest SID certification.
  • the data completeness and accuracy (leveraging data quality features)
  • the data latency (intra-ETL and prebuilt analytics)
  • the data reasoning (1000 of prebuilt KPIs, etc..)

Watch this webcast and learn more about unleashing customer’s data to deliver personalized customer experience!

What is covered is:

  • Telco challenges How OCDM is used to solve those business challenges
  • Where we stand with the integration with other Oracle products
  • What are the prebuilt analytics
  • What are the new added features