Wednesday Apr 09, 2014

Oracle Fusion Applications - Specialization Updates

To align the Oracle Fusion Applications specializations to the Fusion Applications Release 7, several specializations have been updated. The new criteria sets are effective starting with April 1, 2014. Check and plan to meet the new criteria. Read more!

Do You Know the Rules of Enterprise Data Discovery?

Attend this April 17 webcast at 10 a.m. Pacific to learn the 5 rules of the road that guarantee success with enterprise data discovery!

After this session, you will know how:

  • Self-service data discovery can be governed to empower both the business and IT
  • You can make the most of the enterprise data you've already got, by blending it with the new and diverse data being generated every day
  • The business can get what it wants by leveraging existing IT investments without compromising the single version of the truth

Upcoming Oracle Java Virtual Developer Days, Register Now!

Virtual Developer Day: Java 2014 - May 6th (North America), May 14th (EMEA) and May 21st (APAC). Hear from experts in Java SE 8 , Java EE 7 and Java Embedded. Watch tutorials from the experts to improve your expertise in Java, and ask questions during live chats. This FREE virtual event will cover: - Java SE 8 New Features: Lambdas and more - The latest on the Java EE 7 - How Java makes it easy for you to control a wide range of embedded devices Want all the the advantages of attending a great Java conference without all the hassles of traveling? Join us for Oracle's free Virtual Developer Day on May 6th (North America), May 14th (EMEA) and May 21st (APAC). Learn about new features in Java SE 8, and the latest on Java EE and Java Embedded. Sessions are taught by Java experts from Oracle and the Java Community. We'll even have a virtual lounge where you can network. Join us!

Partner Webcast 24 April: Oracle SuperCluster Product Family -Technology Overview

When you’re under pressure to deliver more—more performance, more capacity, and more business value—you need systems that offer seamless integration. Join us for a technology overview of Oracle's general purpose Engineered Systems, together with an in depth view of Oracle VM for SPARC and Solaris Zones virtualization. Oracle SuperClusters, our Fastest and Most Scalable Engineered Systems, are ideal for a wide range of applications and workloads. For more information and registration detalils click here!