Thursday Jan 09, 2014

The Future of Data Warehouses in the Age of Big Data

In this article, regarding Big Data, Richard Solari, a director with Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Information Management service line, discusses the need for a different approach to “traditional” data warehouses to account for the increased volume of data, the increased types of data, and the increased velocity of data coming into enterprises today. Traditional data warehouses were designed to primarily handle the kind of structured data from ERP systems, but not the unstructured data from today’s social media, mobile devices, Web traffic, and other sources. In this article Solari suggest a new, but practical, approach  to evolving an enterprise’s data warehouses into “analytics warehouses” capable of processing and analyzing both structured and unstructured data.Read more here.

Partner Webcast – Oracle Engineered Systems & Partner Service Opportunities

The old way to buy servers, storage and networking equipment in different cycles has reached its end. Today we see a trend towards buying integrated systems that are tested, certified, sold and deployed as a single unit. Register now for this webcast! Read more here