Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

Online Transactional Oracle Master Agreement (T-OMA) Announcement

Effective June 29th, the Online Transactional Oracle Master Agreement (Online T-OMA) will be initiated by partners via the Oracle Partner Store (OPS). This means all Oracle Partners using the Online T-OMA must have an OPS account. Online T-OMA page on OPN. Actions: Please forward this External Communication to your partners and encourage them to attend one of our scheduled trainings.

FY14 OPN Incentive Program VAR Briefing - June 26 2013

Attention all VARs: Join us in this one-hour webcast to learn about the exciting changes to the OPN Incentive Program and how it can help you increase revenue selling Oracle products. Learn more here.

Specialized Partner Of The Year – North America Awards

Deadline line to submit entry forms to be judged for Specialized Partner of the Year - North America Awards is Monday, July 8th at 12noon Pacific. To submit, go to the Excellence Awards website.