Friday Jul 01, 2016

New SPARC S7 Products With Software in Silicon Now Available in Oracle Cloud, Engineered Systems and Servers

Announcing major new additions to the SPARC platform that for the first time bring the advanced security, efficiency and simplicity of SPARC to the cloud. The new SPARC S7 processor-based cloud services and systems deliver commodity x86 economics and significant enterprise-class functionalities for security and analytics with Software in Silicon. They include new Oracle Cloud Compute platform services, the Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 Engineered System and Oracle SPARC S7 servers. These new products are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and include fully integrated virtualization and management for cloud. 

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Wednesday Jun 29, 2016

Oracle Linux, OpenStack & Docker Partner Update Webinar - July 1

Join us for the Oracle Linux, OpenStack & Docker Partner Update Webinar where you will:

  •     Learn how to increase performance and build Private Clouds.
  •     Learn how to deliver maximum performance and security
  •     Discover Modern Application development with Docker
  •     Get the latest OpenStack overview
  •     Learn how to access partner sales and technical boot-camps

Date:  July 01, 2016

Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (GMT) Casablanca, Monrovia, Reykjavik

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Tuesday Jun 21, 2016

SPARC Solaris Virtualization ROCKS in SAS Analytics

A global life sciences company recently undertook a complete infrastructure refresh of its SAS Analytics environment to meet critical business requirements, such as industry compliance, scale for growth and resiliency for non-stop operations. Combining Oracle’s Solaris 11 OS with SPARC servers and ZFS Storage created a very flexible and powerful virtualization solution for this complex challenge.

The SPARC Solaris virtualization strategy enabled strict compliance to SAS licensing policy while allowing for prioritized resource allocations for memory, I/O, and network bandwidth – all without adding additional licensing and virtualization costs to the customer. 

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Tuesday May 31, 2016

SPARC M7 DAX – Stream Processing for Big Data

The overwhelming growth of big data for enterprises today means that not only must you be able to analyze the rest of the information that truly counts, but that involves sophisticated search and machine learning algorithms over large data sets to find the important details that matter. Enter stream processing, which can be a game changer in a big data world.

This technical article describes stream processing using the DAX APIs in detail:  Introduction to Stream Processing Using the DAX APIs

Friday May 27, 2016

Unleashing BMC Remedy 9 performance and scalability on Oracle Solaris and SPARC Servers

BMC shares the amazing results of a 10,000 concurrent users’ workload on BMC Remedy ITSM Suite 9.0 SP1 using Oracle 12c database with large data volume, running on Oracle SPARC T5 servers with Oracle Solaris 11 in this blog.

Thursday May 12, 2016

Best Practices Using ZFS For SAP ASE Database

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) database 16.0 and 15.7 are certified to run on Oracle Solaris 11 systems using ZFS as data storage and logs.

ZFS is the default file system in Oracle Solaris 11 and includes integrated data services, such as compression, encryption, and snapshot and cloning. Recent testing with OLTP workloads show better or on-par performance with ZFS compared to UFS or raw devices.

Learn about best practices here.

Training On Demand: Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Implementation Specialist Boot Camp

Join us for the free live ZFS Storage Appliance Implementation Boot Camp that will provide you with a thorough introduction into the technical implementation of the ZFS Storage Appliance – the hardware, software, data services as well as installation and maintenance and some advanced features.


  • Product and Data Services Overview that describes how ZFS Storage Appliance products provide a single-vendor solution with high out-of-the-box functionality
  • Installation and configuration basics to enable you to perform a physical installation of a ZFS Storage Appliance product
  • Projects and Shares concepts for easy storage administration and control
  • Maintenance and Analytics


  • May 16, 2016 - Jun 03, 2016 @9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (GMT+08:00) Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

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Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Unbeatable Scalability of SAP ASE on Oracle M7

Customer UZ Leuven finds SPARC to be the only suitable platform that meets their Application needs.

The SPARC M7 platform proved to be the only platform that could linearly scale up to 420 SAP ASE clients, while their Intel E7-8857v2 platform scaled to only 48 clients.  

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Friday Apr 22, 2016

WANTED: Outstanding Oracle Experts

The Call for Papers is now open for Oracle OpenWorld 2016, including the JavaOne conference.

This event in San Francisco (Sept 18-22) is literally the world’s largest gathering of Oracle customers, developers, and partners.

Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your expertise on all things Oracle with attendees eager to know what you know. 

Oracle Solaris 11.3 Preflight Checker - Come Fly With Me!

Consider a pilot deciding to fly a new airplane without knowing that it had been 100% tested to fly.

If you are a Solaris developer who is looking to leverage the security, speed and simplicity of Oracle Solaris 11.3, you need to make sure your application will perform well BEFORE lifting off the ground on that migration. That's where the Oracle Solaris Preflight Applications Checker tool comes in. 

Friday Mar 18, 2016

Increasing Security and Compliance for SAP Installations

Two great new white papers help increase the security and compliance of your SAP installations:

Friday Mar 11, 2016

#1 Content Storage Management Solution Acquired by Oracle - Now Available to Resellers

Oracle DIVArchive is the global leader in content storage management solutions operating on-premise and in the cloud, the company's purpose-built software employs the latest technologies to deliver truly flexible and scalable work flows for rich media (video, images, sound and graphics).

Learn more about Oracle's Digital Media Solutions and apply to resell here.

What's the BIG DEAL about Oracle's Software in Silicon DAX?

See this 5-minute video to learn why Oracle’s software in silicon Data Analytics Accelerators, commonly called DAX, are making such big news in the data analytics space today. DAX are a revolutionary Software in Silicon innovation on the SPARC M7 processor which dedicate co-processors to handle specific types of analytic operations that are common in big data analysis, Machine Learning algorithms, and Oracle Database In-Memory queries. They all see significant performance improvements with DAX! 

More AMAZING Results on SPARC T7

In this joint Oracle and MSC Software solution brief, Oracle’s T7 server with Solaris 11 is deployed to consolidate multiple instances of MSC's SimManager server, associated web application server, and a supporting instance of the Oracle Database 12c server, onto a single platform.

This demonstrated how a single T7 server can accomplish the work of a complex cluster of multiple x86 Lintel servers while achieving 75,000 simulations in a single day. 

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SPARC T7 - Minutes to Seconds!

SPARC M7/T7 results are now coming in from our partners and the results are truly worth noting. Hangzhou New Century Electronic Technology Co. Ltd., located in Hangzhou, China, tested the powerful T7-2 server on their Tobacco Business Operations & Maintenance Platform. Net-net on the results: "Minutes to Seconds"