Wednesday Aug 17, 2011

Issue 11: High Impact Sales Plays & Optimized Solutions




Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson
Director, Alliances and Solutions Partner Programs
Oracle EMEA Alliances & Channels

At Oracle, we place a great deal of value in our enviable global community of more than 20,000 partners. More so because that number now includes over 1500 partners in EMEA that have become specialized by proving their competency in additional criteria specific to the products, solutions and services in which they are experts.

Our Value Added Distributors (VADs) have been particularly involved in this recent evolution of the Oracle PartnerNetwork. Last year's acquisition of Sun shifted the landscape for all Oracle partners. But the challenge of distributing hardware and combined solutions in addition to Oracle software, is one that VADs have been quick to meet in order to maximise opportunities and revenues for themselves, as well as their own partner businesses and end customers.

To help our VADs continue to meet this challenge, it's important that Oracle ensures that its distribution strategies are as simple and scalable as possible, and that they take advantage of the unique breadth of Oracle's capabilities. We want to ensure our technology is easy to sell, easy to communicate and perfectly placed to address as many customer opportunities as possible. Every VAR that a VAD deals with operates in a specific segment or vertical with its own set of exacting requirements. More than anything else, they want to be able to clearly pitch the perfect solutions for each of their customers.

With this is mind, I'd like to tell you about two Oracle initiatives that have been developed to allow our VAD partners to demonstrate the value they add while perfectly targeting the needs of end-customers. These closely related initiatives are Oracle Optimized Solutions and Oracle High Impact Sales Plays. Both initiatives make it much easier for VADs—and partners—to deliver Hardware and Software Engineered to Work Together.

Optimized Solutions introduce the solution dimension to selling into the specific needs of customers, while Sales Plays add unique selling positioning on the product side to support Optimized Solutions, and more.

Optimized Solutions

Launched at Oracle OpenWorld 2010, Oracle Optimized Solutions are applications-to-disk solutions that comprise Oracle's Sun servers, storage, and networking components, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications. Software has been optimised to take advantage of hardware features, and hardware has been engineered to make the very most of the software, so that optimisations can be applied to the complete system for better performance, availability, security, and manageability. With full-stack testing using real-world workloads, these highly optimised solutions are validated to work together so that partners and end-customers can quickly deploy enterprise infrastructure and deliver a faster return on their IT investments.

Oracle currently offers VADs seven separate optimised solutions in the following product areas: SPARC Supercluster, Oracle WebLogic Suite, Oracle Enterprise Business Suite, PeopleSoft HCM, Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle WebCenter 11g and Oracle Database 11g:

  • SPARC Supercluster
    Implement a complete, moderate scale, Oracle RAC environment built from the same core technologies used to establish a TPC-C World Record.
  • Oracle WebLogic Suite
    Implement the Oracle WebLogic Suite on Oracle's servers, storage, and networking technology to deliver simplicity, performance, scalability, security, and savings.
  • Optimized Solution for Enterprise Business Suite
    Consolidate RAS enabled servers and geographic clustering combined with integrated management to deliver E-Business Suite with high availability and scale on demand.
  • PeopleSoft HCM
    Implement two modules in Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management (HCM) to accelerate database performance and consolidate workloads.
  • Oracle Siebel CRM
    Implement Siebel CRM in a complete stack that lowers costs and accelerates performance and scalability.
  • Oracle WebCenter 11g
    Deliver an optimised hardware infrastructure for WebCenter 11g applications to enable superior performance, security, and availability at lower costs.
  • Oracle Database 11g
    Implement complete, large scale systems for mission critical database needs using Oracle Database 11g

By building complex technology into simple sales propositions, Optimized Solutions provide another means of differentiation for VADs and VARs competing in challenging markets in which other vendors have a foothold. Ask any VAD for a sure-fire route to beating the competition, and they'll ask you for more and easier ways to add value for their resellers. Some VADs can compete very well in a low added value 'mould', but others will seek every bit of help they can come by to help their VARs sell more than just infrastructure to customers, and leverage their customer base with up-selling and cross-selling into Applications, Portals, Knowledge Management, Collaboration Tools or whatever is appropriate to the particular markets.

High Impact Sales Plays

With High Impact Sales Plays, Oracle is 'going the extra mile' to streamline sales for VADs by marrying together technologies and sales tools that speak the language of VARs and end-customers.

Through a single value proposition, VADs can drive multiple, high-value opportunities across the largest Oracle installed bases, reducing customer acquisition costs. Unique product architecture, single vendor support and attractive price-points provide high differentiation in the eyes of customers, while thorough integration and testing, coupled with full enablement provided by OPN Specialized eliminates any potential pain-points for VADs and VARs.

The three Oracle High Impact Sales Plays specified for financial year 2011 are as follows: Database Acceleration with Flash, Optimized Solutions with ZFS Storage Appliance; and Multi-Threaded Applications on T-Series Servers. Each play is fully supported by a comprehensive Knowledge Zone, a complete OPN Specialized track, substantial marketing resources, campaign kits, and Oracle-publicised partner events.

  • Database Acceleration with Flash
    Targeting new and existing Oracle Database deployments, featuring low partner investment coupled with high customer impact. Distributors and resellers can attract end-customers looking to substantially decrease the response times of critical business applications, while saving on storage power, cooling and space costs. This solution can also be easily deployed and managed in existing IT environments, especially across key industries including financial services, telecommunications and utilities.
  • Optimized Solutions with ZFS Storage Appliance
    Tailored for Oracle Database and Real Application Cluster (RAC) deployments, this play delivers superior price/performance while maximising partners' share of the customer wallet. It appeals to all mid-market Oracle Database customers with shrinking budgets seeking to slash management and implementation costs while reducing complexity by dealing with one best-of- breed vendor through a value-added channel partner. Operationally, ZFS storage coupled with Oracle Fusion Middleware reduces risk by minimising data loss and corruption while facilitating easier migrations and more reliable, faster backups.
  • Multi-Threaded Applications on T-Series Servers
    Perfect for highly-threaded applications such as CRM, offering increased market differentiation and a greater partner services component. One particularly great example that partners can use to illustrate how VADs are maximising the business benefits of this Sales Play, is their usage of Siebel CRM on T-Series. Oracle Siebel CRM is also an Optimized Solution, and one that works perfectly in conjunction with this High Impact Sales Play. It helps end-customers combat rising operational and support costs caused by server sprawl, enabling CRM to become business critical through a high-availability strategy. Primary industries for this play include financial services, telecommunications, media and utilities, with further interest stemming from retail, manufacturing, high-tech and healthcare. Other Optimized Solutions that are perfect fits for T-Series Servers include Oracle Database, E-Business Suite, WebCenter, WebLogic Suite and E-Business Suite.

Next Steps for Partners

The strategy for all partners looking to grow their businesses rapidly with the support from their Oracle VAD is clear. Use Oracle's integrated stack to deliver unique customer value and deliver breakthrough innovations by combining Oracle software and hardware managed together as a single system. The market opportunities are enormous, and with these new Optimized Solutions and High Impact Sales Plays, it's never been easier for resellers, systems integrators or independent software vendors to ensure they benefit from the greater margins and revenues available.

Contact your preferred Oracle VAD today and bring the true value of Oracle technology to your clients. With the support of your VAD you can become specialized in the most suitable software and hardware products for your business, harness the power of the OPN Knowledge Zones, participate in relevant OPN Communities, and make the most of your own expertise in Oracle hardware and software.

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