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Issue 12: AMIS Reaps the Benefits



Oracle OpenWorld:
AMIS reaps the benefits

Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema is CTO of AMIS, a Dutch IT services company with Oracle and Java Technology at the heart of its business. AMIS specializes in innovative technologies including cloud computing, tablet computers and mobile applications, with an emphasis on high availability, reliability, performance and security.

Are you ready for Oracle OpenWorld this October?

Absolutely! AMIS has been a partner in some shape or another since it was founded in 1991, and I have been travelling to Oracle OpenWorld each year since 2006. Not all our plans are finalised yet, but there will be a team of seven of us this year and we have a pretty good idea of what we will be doing! As well as refreshing all our contacts while in San Francisco, I'll be finding my way around the Partner Advisory Board (PAB) special sessions and preparing for some presentations of my own. My sessions will be on Data Visualisation with Oracle Fusion Middleware, using Server Push to Create Real-Time Business Dashboards, and on reaching out from Oracle Database for Advanced SQL Application Development.

Will you be dropping by the OPN Forum and the EMEA breakout sessions?

It's always worthwhile spending time there to get an overall feel for the partner programme. OpenWorld is the perfect place not only to learn about Oracle's plans but also to meet like-minded people with similar experiences and challenges of forming strategies and moving forward with Oracle technology. That's why forums are great - they are about meeting people, first and foremost.

You'll be sure to attend the SOA Partner Community events then!

The SOA Partner Community reception is one of the best events of the entire conference and I have been to every one of them to date. It's amazing that in just four hours or so all of the managers, partners and technical experts present are able to exchange so much information about their Oracle experience and how they feel products should be positioned, used and improved. People come from all around the globe with very different backgrounds but we are all focused on the same thing. It's a very open community and Oracle encourages constructive criticism, which makes it even better.

Do you make a date for Larry's speech and the other high profile keynotes?

It's fantastic entertainment and a genuine 'show' that's for sure, but because I am usually trying to gain critical content in a relatively short space of time I often just catch highlights from the many live video streams available between my other sessions.

What do you think about the Partner Lounge?

It's a great facility and just last year I had three or four really useful meetings there. In lulls between sessions it's so easy to start conversations and make contacts with likeminded people having a shared background. About a third of the business cards I collect at the show will lead to real contact, exchanges of information and fruitful relationships during the following year.

Do you arrange one-to-one meetings with Oracle management?

Yes, with product managers. Very often we will meet on a booth in the Demonstration Grounds and discuss areas of product development not normally available to the public. Through these meetings I always tend to make some great contacts with rarely seen developers who are very proud of their own products and therefore very interesting and fun to talk to, especially about real-life experiences with their own 'babies'!

And what about local country receptions?

Oh yes. We attend the Benelux party on the Tuesday night and a cocktail reception on Sunday or Monday. After speaking English and meeting so many new people, it is always nice to compare notes and exchange experiences with long-time friends and contacts, as well as to secure real commercial opportunities from our home territory and meet our customers in one place.

Have you registered for your free Oracle OPN Specialization Assessment?

Not yet but it's a great opportunity. We have an SOA and Database specialization chief already among our group and we're contemplating Exalogic, WebCenter and Application Development Framework (ADF) specializations too. We'll get more information on those at the event for certain.

Finally, what are your overall impressions of OpenWorld, and what tips can you pass on to first-timers?

I leave inspired. Oracle OpenWorld is like a reboot - it's overflowing with new ideas that trigger me to start planning ahead and to think about what I could achieve. I sit on the plane on the way home looking at all the sessions I missed and downloading valuable software and materials. It's stimulating as well as energy draining, so it's probably the closest I will get to feeling like an athlete after the Olympics! You will find yourself high on inspiration and exhausted afterwards, but in a great way. Go for yourself and you will find out, but plan ahead and don't try to do everything. If you try to determine your schedule once you hit the Moscone Center you will wander around and pop into sessions with little plan, enjoying yourself but missing out on specific content. My other advice would be to start conversations with anyone. We are all open and eager to share our joint experiences and you are not alone in that vast crowd. Oh and be sure to attend the party on Wednesday night! I missed Elton John once and have regretted it ever since. I think it's Sting and Tom Petty this year.

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