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Tim Payne
Vice President, Marketing, Oracle EMEA

Tim Payne portrait

Tim Payne is the Vice President of Marketing for Oracle in EMEA. In this role Tim leads Oracle's Field Marketing across the region and is responsible for achieving EMEA marketing goals. Tim is also a member of the EMEA management team as well as the global marketing leadership team. Tim joined Oracle in 1990. Prior to his current role he held regional and global positions in which he was responsible for marketing Oracle's Hardware, Database and Middleware products. Before joining Oracle, Tim was a mainframe systems programmer at a major UK-based telecommunications company.

Can you please provide a brief overview of the power of the Oracle marketing machine in EMEA?

Oracle has market coverage across virtually the entire region, executing a huge volume of marketing activities in 90 countries. Events are obviously a key part of this mix. We also run an extensive e-marketing programme and are at the forefront of using embedded social media techniques to reinforce traditional marketing and to build communities around specific technologies or business issues. We're continually urging our partners to enter into dialogue with customers and prospective customers, even when they are not discussing product sales.

How can Oracle partners contribute to our marketing activities, and what opportunities do they gain?

"By taking part in marketing activities, our partners accelerate their sales cycles."

Because the Oracle marketing machine is so expansive and finely tuned, we can create broad awareness in the market, while educating prospects and making it easier for our partners to have discussions with customers about the many offerings we have available. By taking part in marketing activities, our partners accelerate their sales cycles. A lot of our marketing activity is focused on the full-breadth of Oracle's Red Stack. As we move forward into the next fiscal year, we will also talk more about transformational themes with partners, supporting them in building agility into their own businesses in readiness for new opportunities.

What can partners expect when engaging in our events, testimonies and other marketing opportunities?

If they engage in Oracle events, our partners will discover that face-to-face interactions with Oracle customers are extremely valuable opportunities. In EMEA over the last six months alone, we have run over 1,200 events attended by more than 70,000 engaged customers. Event marketing is a key part of what we do, and we're naturally very keen that all of our partners participate. They should seize these opportunities to identify new customers and to work on joint customers, as well as inviting their own existing customers and prospects along to experience the full benefits of the Oracle marketing machine. Our events are an education for Oracle, for our partners and for end-customers alike. We've also developed many other popular tools and activities for our channel partners, including: our customer reference promotion programme; Specialized branding; allowing Specialized partners to advertise their events on our own events calendar; shortening sales cycles through Solutions Center product demonstrations and Proof of Concept presentations; updating the OPN Solutions Catalog; developing targeted OPN Marketing kits, and most recently, creating a vibrant Facebook Hub through which our partners can be questioned directly as product or industry experts.

How do you expect Oracle partners to extend Oracle's 'share of wallet' with large companies, while extending Oracle's reach towards untouched 'green-field' markets?

Our partners believe in Oracle's products portfolio and enjoy the challenge of promoting it in areas that Oracle doesn't currently reach directly. In these circumstances more than any other, 'partnership' is more than just a word; it describes an approach to how we choose to conduct business together. Oracle's partner services, solutions and resources ensure our partners are the best positioned to quickly respond to untouched markets, new trends and fresh opportunities that will lead to long-term growth. In the few markets that Oracle has no direct influence upon, we look to our network of trusted and Specialized partners to secure initial sales and to build those all-important enduring customer relationships.

How does the knowledge our partners have of customers' needs empower them to operate in niche markets?

Oracle's Specialization Program has played a big role in enabling this endeavour. It is providing our most experienced and committed partners with a trusted status and brand that allows them not only to differentiate themselves in their existing marketplace, but to gain a distinct competitive edge in breaking new markets and territories. New customers immediately have a clear understanding that an Oracle partner is a quality partner. What we want back from partners in return for this advantage is a committed, joint commercial agreement in meeting those niche opportunities.

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