Issue 13: Selling the Oracle Database Appliance


Selling the
Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

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Varga Gábor is a sales director for KFKI Rendszerintegréciós Zrt., a market leading systems integrator in Hungary and an Oracle Platinum Partner. KFKI has almost two decades of experience in designing, installing, integrating and introducing customers to optimised IT systems, with a particular focus today on virtualisation, server consolidation, cloud computing and complete appliance solutions. Crucially, KFKI recently closed a deal with Oracle distributor Avnet to sell the ODA to a customer in the Hungarian telecoms market.

"Customer reaction to the ODA has been good. We've found the ODA to be a very easy to use platform that is popular with customers who already power their businesses with Oracle Database. Customers like the ODA because it is flexible, scalable and has very low barriers of adoption."

"Some enterprise customers might buy an ODA for distinct projects that they don't want to have an impact on existing storage and server installations on site, but we believe that small and medium-sized businesses that do not have a consolidated storage and server infrastructure at all will benefit most from ODA. Also, Oracle's flexible, modular licencing model will appeal greatly to SME and midmarket businesses."

"The ODA is ready to run, even for projects that might need to start small, and it means our customers don't need to licence X86 machines any longer if they choose not to."

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Alex Louth is the managing director of e-DBA, a Specialized Oracle Platinum partner and provider of Oracle software, hardware and 24/7 managed services. e-DBA was founded in 1998 to bring the highest standards and expertise to the Oracle Database support and professional services marketplace. At Oracle OpenWorld 2010 e-DBA was presented with the prestigious 'Oracle EMEA Technology Partner of the Year' Award.

"We expect ODA to be fairly easy to market and sell because of its positioning as the platform to run Oracle. It's a simple offering to the market that is rightly aiming to become de facto, certainly in the midmarket and SMB space. The main business benefit of ODA for our customers has been the simplicity. With non-Oracle hardware, customers have to deal with different vendors for their database, applications, storage, servers, switches and HBA—so they might have six vendors for the simplest installation. With the ODA, there is just one support number and just one person analysing and diagnosing problems—one 'throat to choke' if you like."

"The customer reaction to date has been really good. When Oracle Exadata was released three years ago and revised two years ago, there was excitement but it was largely a spectator sport for the midmarket because the entry level was quite high. ODA has proved to be perfectly pitched for these companies. It offers all the benefits of a complete Oracle appliance at a price-point they can buy in to and increase the productivity of their business and Oracle investment. The ODA also gives us a basis on which to talk with all our customers about other things. ODA provides a solutions company like us with the final piece of the jigsaw we have been searching for. We can now provide a database solution in one box and wrap our other services around it, such as management, maintenance and administration."

"We have a strong new business ODA pipeline but we are also pushing ODA vigorously into our existing customer bases, where we feel it is fit for purpose in over 50% of cases. There is excitement in the market about ODA as it is something no other vendor could have built. Rivals either can't or won't do what Oracle has done. This solution introduces Oracle as a total enterprise solution at an accessible commercial entry point. I'm a software boy at heart, and have never focused on hardware in the 12 years working with Oracle solutions, but this product has totally transformed our way of thinking, along with Oracle Exadata. It delivers great performance and has a business transformation effect on our customers, while on our side it de-risks growth and eliminates the whole issue of multiple vendors and multiple problems."

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Gergely Strbik is Oracle Hardware and Software Product Manager for Avnet in Hungary. Avnet Technology Solutions is an OracleValue Added Distributor focused on the development of the existing Oracle channel. This includes the recruitment and enablement of Oracle partners as well as driving deeper adoption of Oracle's technology and application products within the IT channel.

"The main business benefits of ODA for our customers and partners are scalability, flexibility, a great price point for the high performance delivered, and the easily configurable embedded Linux operating system. People welcome a lower point of entry and the ability to grow capacity on demand as their business expands."

"Marketing and selling the ODA requires another way of thinking because it is an appliance. We have to transform the ways in which our partners and customers think from buying hardware and software independently to buying complete solutions. Successful early adopters and satisfied customer reactions will certainly help us to sell the ODA. We will have more experience with the product after the first deliveries and installations—end users need to see the power and benefits for themselves."

"Our typical ODA customers will be those looking for complete solutions from a single reseller partner who is also able to manage the appliance. They will have enjoyed using Oracle Database but now want a new product that is able to unlock new levels of performance. A higher proportion of potential customers will come from our existing Oracle base, with around 30% from new business, but we intend to evangelise the ODA on the market to see how we can change this balance as all our customers adjust to the concept of 'Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together'.

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