Wednesday Mar 07, 2012

EPM 11.1.2 - Service unavailable errors using EPM System

Users experience intermittent Service Unavailable errors using different components of the Oracle EPM System. A blank page with the following error message shows up:

                The service is unavailable.

Reviewing the application specific log files and testing the WebLogic application servers in the back end does not show any issues. As the client can still connect to the web server and the Java Application Server is working fine in the back end, it is clear that there is some issue in between web and application server. To track this down, logging for the WebLogic web server plug-in needs to be enabled. Setting up logging depends on the web server, so we need to distinguish between Internet Information Services (IIS) and Oracle HTTP Server (OHS).

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Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

EPM 11.1.2 - Optimize Workspace Server Settings

Disable products which are installed but not running. A dialog box is displayed with products that can be deselected. If the checks are cleared, the products are de-integrated at the next logon, as if they were never installed.


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Monday Sep 26, 2011

EPM 11.1.2 – Speeding up workspace login

In EPM 11.1.2, sometimes it takes time for login authentication into workspace. Usually if you have a number of products installed but not active (services not started etc) during the time of login.

1. In workspace, navigate to Administer > Workspace Server settings. A pop-up window will open.

2. You will see a button for Enabled Products.

3. The enabled products displayed will depend on what all are installed in the environment. Deselect the products you are not starting up

4. Once you apply the changes log out, restart workspace services and log back into workspace. The time taken to login should have comparatively improved

Note: Also in EPM 11.1.1.x, Hyperion Annotation service gets installed and started by default as part of Hyperion Workspace services even if Financial Reporting is not chosen for the install. If not needed, disabling this service or changing it to manual start up under workspace services settings tends to speed up workspace.