Monday Sep 05, 2011

EPM - Essbase Agent may hang due to higher LDAP timeout set in Shared Services

Applies To: EPM

If you see error “LDAP response read timed out timeout used.....” in SharedServices_SecurityClient.log file, then lower the default value of this timeout for external providers. This may cause Essbase Agent process to hang so lowering this timeout value may help to resolve the Essbase agent hang issue.

Tip: The parameter used to configure this timeout is "dirContextReadTimeOut" (in CSS.xml setting). The default value is 2 minutes (120000 ms). For example, you can set this using syntax <dirContextReadTimeOut>30</dirContextReadTimeOut> (in seconds). This is configured inside a LDAP/MSAD provider.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

EPM 11.1.2 - In Essbase, use default values for timeouts

; NETDELAY                             ;It is recommended to use default value (200)*

; NETRETRYCOUNT                  ;It is recommended to use default value (600)*

Important Note*: It is recommended to set the timeout to default values, which is 2 minutes.  If need be, the max amount of timeout that is recommended should not be above 5 minutes.

Tip: How to calculate the timeouts from these settings, i.e.

NetDelay (200) is in milliseconds so divide by 1000 then multiple by NetRetryCount (600) to get timeout in seconds, for example:

(200/1000) * 600 = 120 seconds (120/60 = 2 minutes)