Tuesday Apr 22, 2014

Error Connecting to Planning Application from Smartview

When the OU of a user is changed in the external provider, users can potentially have issues connecting to Planning applications from Smartview. However, users can still log into Planning just not Smartview. [Read More]

Tuesday Oct 30, 2012

Error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: getNewTla using Oracle EPM products

Running into a Java out of memory error, it is very common behaviour in the field that the Java heap size will be increased. While this might help to solve a heap space out of memory error, it might not help to fix an out of memory error for the Thread Local Area (TLA). Increasing the available heap space from 1 GB to 16 GB might not even help in this situation.

[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

EPM - Smartview client and HFM office provider

If your connection to the smartview provider is very slow, because the login part takes a long time (user directory slowness, ...), consider adding on the desktop side a Windows parameter:

ReceiveTimeout 300000

to avoid being prompted over and over again for username/password

This is an addition to the support doc id: "Smart View Keeps Prompting For Username And Password For Financial Management Provider [ID 1353294.1]"