Sunday Aug 14, 2011

EPM 11.1.2 - How-to tune Reporting And Analysis Framework (RAF) Services


Default Value

Suggested Value


Increase the DB connection pool for repository metadata connections

Tip: To change the value to 100, for example, add “-Dmax_db_pool_size=100” to the list of JAVA_OPTS for the Reporting and Analysis Framework Properties. Note that increasing this value increases the amount of memory that the RAF Service uses, regardless of whether the connections in the pool are used.



Reporting And Analysis Java Heap size

Xms (MB) = 128

Xmx (MB) = 750

Xms (MB) = 1024

Xmx (MB) = 1024

To apply above settings, in EPM Workspace you need to Select Navigate, then Administer, then Reporting and Analysis, and then Services. Right-click the Reporting and Analysis Framework service and select Properties. Modify the desired properties as per screenshot below and then click OK.