Wednesday Apr 06, 2016

OBIEE 12c: Integrating BI 12c with HFM

The document describes the steps to configure Hyperion Financial Management with OBIEE 12c. Hyperion Financial Management can be used as a data source in OBIEE 12c.

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Friday Feb 06, 2015

Financial Management

The new Oracle EPM System was released recently and it has some great enhancements especially for Financial Management. As one can see from the new Support Matrix (, Financial Management is available on the Exalytics platform now.
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Tuesday Dec 11, 2012

EPM Architecture: Financial Performance Management Applications

This is the third post on Oracle EPM System Architecture. It will cover all Financial Performance Management Applications, namely Financial Management, Essbase Analytics Link, Planning, Profitability and Cost Management, Strategic Finance and Disclosure Management. Please be aware of the fact that I also updated the previous posts on Foundation and Reporting and Analysis based on the feedback I got so far.

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Friday Jul 13, 2012

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) Configurable Dimensions FAQ

What is Configurable Dimensions?

Configurable Dimension allows the HFM administrator to set the number of custom dimensions in the application. For each dimension it is possible to set the size of the dimension and give a short name and a long name (alias).

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Tuesday May 22, 2012

EPM - HFM Rules Editor no longer exists in HFM

 With the release of HFM, the Rules Editor is no longer available.  Per the readme file (, you will need to download and install Notepad++, which is a free product.

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Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

EPM 11.1.2 - VBScript error using HFM in a load balanced environment

Financial Management is installed in an environment using two or more web servers and a load balancer is used to distribute user request across the web servers. The following errors occur in the web client:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'
Object required
/hfm/data/webformgenerated.asp, line 48

Error number:424
Error description: Object required
Error source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
Page On which Error Occured: /hfm/DocMgr/OpenItem.asp

Make sure IIS logging is configured to log include "Cookies". You can check this as follows:

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Sunday Aug 14, 2011

EPM 11.1.2 - HFM Database housekeeping

The following housekeeping practices are recommended when using Oracle / SQL Server databases with Financial Management:

· For HFM tables <appname>_DATA_AUDIT, <appname>_TASK_AUDIT and HFM_ERRORLOG, it is recommended to implement the following housekeeping best practices:

o    Quarterly - Business to review the Audit logs, archive and delete.

o    Half-Yearly - Archive System Messages and truncate table.


Tip: Put alerts in place so that action can be taken if these tables grow beyond the recommended number of records (> 500,000). Note large audit tables will have severe impact on HFM performance.

Tuesday Jul 19, 2011

EPM 11.1.2 - HFM Tablespaces and Segments Fragmentations

Over time, updates and deletes on objects within a tablespace can create pockets of empty space that individually are not large enough to be reused for new data. This type of empty space is referred to as fragmented free space. Objects with fragmented free space can result in much wasted space, and can impact database performance. HFM consolidation performs extensive updates, inserts, and deletes, so it is very important to monitor the fragmentation of tablespaces and defragment them regularly. The preferred way to defragment and reclaim this space is to perform an online segment shrink. For more information about how to use online segment, refer to Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide.