Wednesday Feb 03, 2016

OBIEE 12c: Increasing the Node Manager JAVA Heap Size

In BI 12c, Node Manager is monitoring not only Web logic Managed Servers but also BI System components. We noticed sometimes that when we are starting all the processes using, Node Manager is taking long time to start, so in order to fix this, we must increase the java heap size for Node Manager.

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Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

OBIEE 11.1.1 - How to obtain Crash logs for BI Mobile app in iPhone/iPad

a. First synchronize your mobile device (iPhone/iPad) with your computer

b. Crash logs stored under:

          Windows 7

        C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\iPad2

          Windows XP

        C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\

          Mac OS X


Saturday Sep 03, 2011

OBIEE 11.1.1 - Using Fusion Middleware Control to Scale BI Server Component

Before increasing the number of BI Servers per server, make sure you have enough physical memory available on 32bit / 64bit servers and during performance / load testing, adjust as needed. For a stable / an even performance over time, it is recommended to set minimum two BI Servers per instance / server.

You can use the below Scalability tab of the Capacity Management page in Fusion Middleware Control (http://<servername>:7001/em) to scale in the Oracle BI Server to two per instance and server:

Important Note: When you have multiple instances of a given Oracle Business Intelligence component in the deployment, you should first configure shared files and directories for the clustered components to use. Then, use Fusion Middleware Control to increase the number of BI Server components that run on the existing Oracle Business Intelligence host.