OBIEE 11.1.1 - Upgrade from 10g - Calculated Items

In 10g, calculated items were created in one pivot table only. In 11g, all calculated items are shown in all views.

The format of the report is modified: calculated items that were in one pivot table only before the upgrade now appear in all views.

If a calculated item had the option ‘Hide details’ selected, showing this column in other views changes completely the results.

To replicate 10g behavior in 11g, you must:

Add a new column identical to the one used to compute the calculated item.

In all views except in the one that includes the calculated item, replace the old column by the new one.

Note that it is easier to perform this modification in 10g before the upgrade. It is possible to do it in 11g after the upgrade but then you have to compare 11g and 10g reports to find out which view the calculated item belonged to.


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