OBIEE 11.1.1 - Unable to View PDF / graphs in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 over SSL using WebGate/OHS as front-end

Set CachePragmaHeader and CacheControlHeader to public.

This setting applies only to WebGates. These settings control the browser's cache. By default, CachePragmaHeader and CacheControlHeader are set to no-cache. This prevents WebGate from caching data at the Web server application and the user's browser. However, this may prevent certain operations such as downloading PDF files, saving report files and displaying charts when the site is protected by a WebGate. You can set the Access Manager SDK caches that the WebGate uses to different levels. See section 14.9 for details. All of the cache-response-directives are allowed.


1. For your OBIEE setup using WebGate, you may need to set both (CachePragmaHeader and CacheControlHeader) cache values to public.

2. For your OBIEE setup using OHS with mod_osso, to allow caching for SSO protected resources you need to add "OssoSendCacheHeaders off", in mod_osso.conf.


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