OBIEE 11.1.1 - Introduction to OBIEE 11g Full Sample App

Introduction to OBIEE 11g Full Sample App

Isn't it nice:
> to discover OBIEE 11g around a nice "How To" catalog of features? 
> to observe OBI and Essbase relationships at work? 
> to discover TimesTen?

The OBIEE 11g Full Sample App is a comprehensive collection of examples designed to demonstrate the latest Oracle BIEE 11g capabilities and design best practices:

Enhanced visualizations as Geo-spacial maps and interactive dashboards,
Action Framework, 
BI Publisher,
Scorecard and Strategy Management,
Mobile style sheets,
Semantic layer modeling,
Multi-source federation,
Integration with products such as Essbase, Oracle OLAP, ODM, TimesTen, ODI and more

The FSA is intended to be comprehensive, it is big (see CAVEAT below).

The FSA is not an Oracle product, it is a good will free deployment of OBIEE/Essbase designed to exemplify OBIEE features, infrastructure and security around the Fusion Middleware components. Its contents and code are distributed free for demonstrative purposes only. It is neither maintained nor supported by Oracle as a licensed product.

The OBIEE Full Sample App is independent of the default Sample App that comes with the OBIEE product.


The FSA helps as a demonstrator of OBIEE 11g best practices, a tutorial, an environment "Test & Scrap", a SR bench (regression, conflicts), a tuning bench, a quick ready made POC seed for projects, a security options environment, ...

- Is organized around a catalog of functional features
- Has been deployed over 1000 times, it should be stable


The Full Sample App (V107) is bound to OBIEE and Essbase (November 2011).
The FSA release dates are independent of the Product GA date (OBIEE).

In early December 2011, a new functional Patch (V110) is released.
It is easily applied (in less than 15 mins) on top of OBIEE SampleApp (V107).

The patch (V110) includes additional functional examples:

       1. Web Catalog Statistics Application: Provides detailed insight into your web catalog content, dormant catalog objects, webcat impact analysis for metadata changes and more
       2. Data inflation Scripts: A set of simple SQL procedures to quickly inflate SampleApp Fact and Dimension data to millions of records in a few minutes
       3. Public Content Extensions Framework: A patching framework for public examples and contributions leveraging SampleApp
       4. Additional report examples (including bridge report, external chart integrations) and bug fixes

DISTRIBUTION as VBox image (November 2011)

The ready made VBox image is designed to run on Virtual Box.

VBox Imague Deployment Guide
Sampleapp_v107_GA.ovf - VBox image key file

The above http URL provides the user:password for the ftp URLs below.

12 "7-zip" files Sampleapp_v107_GA_7_20.7z.001 -> .012

We recommend 7-zip file manager for unzipping ( Select Unzip here option, it will create the contents under a directory named "SampleApp_10722".

On Windows, it is important to download and save zip file under the root directory (e.g. C:\ or D:\) because of possible long pathnames.

4 files Sampleapp_v107_GA-disk[1234].vmdk

Important note: Check the provided checksums (md5sum). Please do it!

DISTRIBUTION as Installation files for existing OBI (November 2011)
Install files Deployment Guide - 198 MB


  • Many computers have RAM chips problems that keep often silent ... until you manipulate big files. It is strongly advised you run some memory check program eg MEMTEST in GRUB boot manager.
  • Running md5sum repeatedly onto the very same big file must be consistent [same result], else a hardware memory problem is suspected.
  • For Virtual Box, you should most likely enable VT-X (Vanderpool) hardware virtualization in BIOS.
  • A free disk space of 80 GB is required to perform safely the VBox image installation.
  • A Virtual Machine of minimum 6 to 7 GB memory fits the needs of combining OBIEE and Essbase execution. 


Great post.
I'm looking forward to the V110 patch coming out in December. Please post on that when it is available.

Also, I'm glad you finally mentioned the importance of checking the checksum. I wrote a post about that last month with a bit more detail on why it is so important. The post is over at ArtOfBI


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