Grid Diagnostics Replaces MassGridStatistics

An earlier blog entry,, discussed the Planning MassGridStatistics utility for displaying web form load times. Starting with the release, MassGridStatistics has been replaced by the grid diagnostics functionality located with the Planning web interface.

In order to access grid diagnostics, select the Diagnostics item followed by the Grids item within the Tools menu. Select the forms you want diagnostics and click “Run Diagnostics”. You can select forms individually or all forms. A pie chart will display showing the percentage of load times greater than 5 seconds (colored red), more than 1 second and less than 5 seconds (colored yellow), and less than 1 second (colored green). Forms colored red or yellow could potentially have scalability issues in a multi-user environment and should be considered for re-design.

Clicking on a section of the pie chart provides a detailed list of the forms within that category as well as the specific load times. The detailed information can also be present in chart format as well as tabular format. The types of charts available are Area, Horizontal Bar, Bar and Line.

For further information on grid diagnostics, please see the Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator’s Guide at


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