Essbase Outline Rebuilding vs. Migrating After Major Release Upgrade

The Essbase Readme document has been updated to include a change in recommendation with regard to rebuilding versus migrating the Essbase outlines between major release upgrades.  This represents a change in the upgrade process to ensure outlines take advantage of any new structures, features and functionality introduced in the major release.

After a major release upgrade, be sure to rebuild all outlines on the new release to eliminate any potential issue where the outline may not be compatible or properly take advantage of any new functionality.

OPatch upgrades are not considered a major release and therefore do not need to adhere to the new guidelines. The traditional outline upgrade or migration process can continue to be utilized for OPatch upgrades.

  • If moving between installable versions, need to rebuild outlines
  • If applying an OPatch, no need to rebuild outline

Here is the statement added to the Essbase Readme document:


When upgrading to a version of Essbase in which you use the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Installer and Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System Configurator, as in this release, database outlines that were created in any of the previous Essbase releases listed in this topic should be recreated in this release to take advantage of any new structures, features, and functionality.



We have upgrade planning & essbase from to

What do you mean by rebuilding the outline ?
- delete all my outline (+data) and recreate it from scratch
- Or a "save" in the EAS is enough ?


Posted by sTEPH on July 25, 2014 at 06:11 AM PDT #

Hi Steph,

When upgrading to a major release, you will want to rebuild the outlines on the new version than reload the data. As stated in the post, this will ensure the outline properly takes advantage of any new functionality.

Posted by guest on August 01, 2014 at 06:42 AM PDT #

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