Essbase 11.1.2.x - Web Launched EAS Console jnlp

When using the web launched EAS Console with internet explorer (http://<servername>:10080/easconsole/console.html) for the first time , it is possible that you will be prompted to open, find or save the easconsole.jnlp.

The reason this dialog box appears is because the jnlp files are not associated with a program.

In order to proceed, you will need to save the file e.g. to your desktop. Navigate to the file’s location using windows explorer. Right click on the file, select “open with” and then “Choose default program”. Then browse to the location of your Java Web Start Launcher (javaws.exe) e.g. C:\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_29\bin\javawsexe. Ensure that “Always use the selected program to open this type of file” is ticked. Click Ok.

Once the file is associated, the web launched console should run without issues.


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