Essbase 11.1.2.x - Changing Essbase ODL Logging Levels

ODL (Oracle Diagnostic Logging) information is recorded for both the Essbase agent and the Essbase application server. The level of the logging that is recorded can be amended if required.

These are the 2 ODL logs for Essbase:

  • EssbaseAgentODLLogger is for the Essbase agent. This writes to the ESSBASE_ODL.log in MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/diagnostics/logs/Essbase/Essbase
  • DefSvrLogger is for the Essbase application server (ESSSVR). This writes to the <appname>_ODL.log in MIDDLEWARE_HOME/user_projects/epmsystem1/diagnostics/logs/Essbase/Essbase/app/<appname>

The level of logging for these Essbase ODL logs is controlled by the logging.xml file.

The logging.xml for Essbase is stored here:


The log level can be changed from the default of ‘TRACE:1’ to another setting e.g. ‘ERROR:1’. The lower the log level, the less information will be recorded. The higher the log level, the more information will be recorded. The log levels, and information about what is recorded at each level, are here:

To change the logging levels, edit the logging.xml file, and find the “<loggers>” section.

This is an example of a default logging.xml file.


<logger name='EssbaseAgentODLLogger' level='TRACE:1' useParentHandlers='false'>

<handler name='agenthandler'/>


<logger name='DefSvrLogger' level='TRACE:1' useParentHandlers='false'>

<handler name='serverhandler'/>


To change the logging level, change the ‘TRACE:1’ setting to the required setting (e.g. ‘ERROR:1’).

After changing the logging.xml, restart the Essbase service for the configuration change to take effect.


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