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One of the most challenging aspects of performance tuning is knowing where to begin. To maximize Oracle EPM System performance, all components need to be monitored, analyzed, and tuned. This guide describe the techniques used to monitor performance and the techniques for optimizing the performance of EPM components.


Performance tuning Oracle Hyperion EPM system is a complex and iterative process. To get you started, we have created a list of recommendations to help you optimize your Oracle Hyperion EPM system performance.

This chapter includes the following sections that provide a quick start for performance tuning Oracle EPM products. Note these performance tuning techniques are applicable to nearly all Oracle EPM products such as Financial PM Applications, Essbase, Reporting and Foundation services.

1. Tune Operating Systems parameters.
2. Tune Oracle WebLogic Server (WLS) parameters.
3. Tune 64bit Java Virtual Machines (JVM).
4. Tune 32bit Java Virtual Machines (JVM).
5. Tune HTTP Server parameters.
6. Tune HTTP Server Compression / Caching.
7. Tune Oracle Database Parameters.
8. Tune Reporting And Analysis Framework (RAF) Services.
9. Tune Oracle ADF parameters.

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