EPM 11.1.2 - Understanding the Dynamic Calculations Log Messages for Essbase ASO

Essbase application log has some informative messages related to dynamic calculations that can be helpful in tuning:

  • The following message indicates an error in a formula. Fix the error message or drop these members from outline if they are not required.
    • Error encountered when loading member [<MemberName>]'s calc string [<FormulaExpression>], ignored 
  • The following message indicates invalid solve order assignment. Assign correct solve orders for members indicated in the message.
    • Invalid formula for member [<A>] (reason: depends on a member [<B>] with higher solveorder ) will be ignored during execution
  • The following message indicates that a formula is too complex for Essbase to optimize. Rewrite if possible.
    • Formula for member [% of Total] will be executed in [CELL] mode
  • The following message indicates that a formula is complex and Essbase couldn’t detect a non empty behavior for it.


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