EPM 11.1.2 - In EPM distributed install and config, unable to start Foundation / Planning web application due to JDBC error and invalid SQL object errors in Foundation / Planning web log


When setting up EPM in distributed environment, if you are keeping the configtool up on the two boxes and going back and forth configuring more; configtool will have an old view of registry if say you configure on box1, anything, then start configtool on box2, whatever you configure, then return to box1, tool still up and return to task panel and continue configuration.

Similarly if you start configtools on box1 and box2 and sit on task panel for each; go to box1, then configure anything; got to box2 and configure anything, registry will not be correct.


EPM JDBC datasources db credentials in WebLogic Server may have changed during configuration in distributed install. Double check in WebLogic Server console for each EPM JDBC data source e.g. EPMSystemRegistry etc. 

Important Note: Configtool is a single user, single instance tool and should/must be shut down before proceeding to next box.


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