BI Checks with WLST - Enable debug, login and parse logs - Part 3

This third post continues with the BIEE Security checks using WLST and Python scripting.

This time its all about:

* Checks and Displays whether Virtualize=true property is added in the identity store or not, as well as compare with the number of authentication providers. You can use the script to change this automatically, but a restart is needed if changed.

* Enabling Debug in the target server (e.g. bi_server1) for weblogic security authentication and authorization

* Setting Log Level to TRACE:32 for and oracle.ods components in the FMW Enterprise Manager Console

* Testing Analytics Login with both external LDAP user and weblogic user, using direct connection to weblogic where the target managed server is running, as well as a specified FQDN analytics url

* On Login Failure collects the logs with Errors, Exceptions and Incident Errors from relevant Log files on the target managed server

To run the scripts:

-Download the files here:

-Edit and change the parameters

You need below extra parameters other than the existing in Part1 file for executing the above scripts:

VirtualizeValue true            # adds Virtualize=true
enableTRACE true            # sets LogLevel to TRACE:32
enableDEBUG true            # enables Debug for atn and atz
externalLDAPusername weblogic        # user defined in weblogic
externalLDAPuserpassword password

NOTE: This assumes that External LDAP Provider is Configured (hence the requirement to have virtualize=true)
NOTE: If no external LDAP provider configured use weblogic user details in the properties file for (externalLDAPusername, externalLDAPuserpassword) parameters.
NOTE: VirtualizeValue true:: adds Virtualize=true
NOTE: VirtualizeValue false:: removes Virtualize property
NOTE: enableDEBUG true:: enables Debug for atn and atz
NOTE: enableDEBUG false:: disables Debug for atn and atz
NOTE: enableTRACE true:: sets LogLevel to TRACE:32 for and oracle.ods
NOTE: enableTRACE false:: sets LogLevel to NOTIFICATION:1 for for and oracle.ods


WLUsername weblogic
WLPassword weblogicpassword
WLPort 7001
WLScheme t3
WLUrl t3://
TARserver bi_server1
obieeServerScheme http
HttpProxyHost yourproxyserver
HttpProxyPort yourproxyserverport
VirtualizeValue true
enableTRACE true
enableDEBUG true
externalLDAPusername externalLDAPusername
externalLDAPuserpassword externalLDAPuserpassword


-In a shell, set MIDDLEWARE_HOME and then launch all 4 scripts in sequence

%MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd (or .sh)

# Optional and requires manual restart
# %MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd (or .sh)

%MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd (or .sh)

%MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd (or .sh)

%MIDDLEWARE_HOME%\oracle_common\common\bin\wlst.cmd (or .sh)

You can also use the script provided (TestLoginAnalytics_n_CollectLogs.cmd) after changing the MIDDLEWARE_HOME variable in it.

* will try to login to analytics, and it will generate a compiled log containing the errors from the bi_serverX.log, bi_serverX-diagnostics.log and bi_serverX.out on bi_serverX machine. This compiled log is named Errors_n_Exceptions.log

- After all scripts have been run, revert your changes.


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