Wednesday Mar 13, 2013

Nohup obiee weblogic

To be able to start Weblogic admin server as a process running after the launching shell exits, the in weblogic needs to be created. The following commands are the simplest way to achieve this with OBIEE:[Read More]

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

OBIEE 11G Installation & Best practices BAPI access for SAP/BW data sources


SAP/BW integrates with BI tools via MDX (Multidimensional Queries), MDX is the de facto industry standard to query OLAP servers.

SAP/BW Server includes an MDX processor to directly query any BW INFOCUBE and INFOQUERY

SAP/BW supports multiple protocols to submit MDX requests:

With OBI EE 11g, both the XMLA adapter and the BAPI adapter are supported

Please Download the documention here
Please have a look at support article here (Doc ID: 1523417.1)

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Monday Jul 16, 2012

Charts in BI not rendering after applying OBIEE

Issue:  Charts are no longer rendering in IE or FF after applying OBIEE BP1

The reason that charts are failing to render is due to the fact that our update process does not touch the custom directories (skins, styles). It will only update the default skins and styles directories (s_blafp and sk_blafp). The reason is that we do not want to overwrite any customizations done by customers / partners.

Note: If you are using a custom skins directory, you will have to copy the BIChart.swf from the default directory or the install directory into your custom skins directory. If you do not replace the file, the charts will not render. This change requires that the OracleBI Presentation Services Component be restarted via the opmnctl process as well as for the browser cache to be cleared. Once that has been done, you will be able to render the charts.

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Monday Apr 09, 2012

Oracle BI Publisher 11.1.1 - Quick Start Guide

This Guide covers following topics:

  1. Administering BI Publisher
  2. Creating Data Models and Reports
  3. Viewing and Scheduling Reports 

Click here to Download this Quick Start Guide.

OBIEE Bundle Patch 2 is available

Oracle BI EE Bundle Patch 2 is available. The Patch number is 13611078 and it can be downloaded from Oracle Support (you can download it without password). This patch currently is available on Microsoft Windows x64 (64 bit), Linux x86 - 64 bit, IBM AIX on Power System (64 bit) and Oracle Solaris Sparc (64 bit). Remaining four platforms Win32, Linux32, HP-Itanium, and Solaris x86-64 are expected 3-4 weeks later.

This Patch has thoroughly been tested and signed off by BI QA Team. 

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Wednesday Apr 04, 2012

OBIEE - Import Metadata from Oracle Database is not working with BI Client installer

BI Client installer (version does not install Oracle Database Client. Therefore for BI Admin tool client installations, the Oracle DB Client (11gR2) must also be separately installed on same windows machine.

Tip: If you install BI Client 32bit version, make sure to install Oracle Database Client 32bit version. Likewise If you install BI Client 64bit version then make sure to install Oracle Database Client 64bit version.

Thursday Mar 08, 2012

OBIEE 11.1.1 - BI Office Intermittent Timeout Errors

In OBIEE releases /, if the BI Office Server is configured to connect to Presentation Services through Oracle HTTP Server (OHS), then you might see intermittent error messages that are caused by the timeout of a request. To work around this issue, increase the Keepalive timeout 50 or more.


OBIEE 11.1.1 - Scale-Out Scenarios Are Not Supported on OS with Different Patch Levels

In OBIEE releases /, Scale-out scenarios of the BI domain are not supported on servers that have the same operating system but different patch levels. All servers must have the same operating system patch level.


Tuesday Mar 06, 2012

OBIEE 11.1.1 - How to obtain Crash logs for BI Mobile app in iPhone/iPad

a. First synchronize your mobile device (iPhone/iPad) with your computer

b. Crash logs stored under:

          Windows 7

        C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\iPad2

          Windows XP

        C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\

          Mac OS X


Tuesday Feb 28, 2012

OBIEE 11.1.1 - How to capture Console logs in iPhone

To troubleshoot authenication issues etc in Oracle BI Mobile application, here are the basic steps to trace / get the Console Logs:

1. Download and setup iPhone Configuration Utility - Available from
2. Connect device to computer.
3. Start iPhone Configuration Utility.
4. Go-to Console tab and Clear Console Output.
5. Launch Oracle BI Mobile application.
6. Set Console Logging “ON” .
7  Capture console output in Config Utility i.e. Save Console As...

Monday Feb 20, 2012

OBIEE 11.1.1 - After complete system restarts, getting “Error 404 – Not Found” when accessing OBIEE URL

Getting “Error 404 – Not Found” when accessing OBIEE URL i.e. https://<server>:9704/analytics . Check whether the "analytics" deployment in WebLogic Server is in Active state in the console > Deployments. If not start the deployment.

Thursday Feb 09, 2012

OBIEE 11.1.1 - Unable to View PDF / graphs in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 over SSL using WebGate/OHS as front-end

Set CachePragmaHeader and CacheControlHeader to public.

This setting applies only to WebGates. These settings control the browser's cache. By default, CachePragmaHeader and CacheControlHeader are set to no-cache. This prevents WebGate from caching data at the Web server application and the user's browser. However, this may prevent certain operations such as downloading PDF files, saving report files and displaying charts when the site is protected by a WebGate. You can set the Access Manager SDK caches that the WebGate uses to different levels. See section 14.9 for details. All of the cache-response-directives are allowed.


1. For your OBIEE setup using WebGate, you may need to set both (CachePragmaHeader and CacheControlHeader) cache values to public.

2. For your OBIEE setup using OHS with mod_osso, to allow caching for SSO protected resources you need to add "OssoSendCacheHeaders off", in mod_osso.conf.

Wednesday Feb 08, 2012

OBIEE 11.1.1 - Upgrade from 10g - Calculated Items

In 10g, calculated items were created in one pivot table only. In 11g, all calculated items are shown in all views.

The format of the report is modified: calculated items that were in one pivot table only before the upgrade now appear in all views.

If a calculated item had the option ‘Hide details’ selected, showing this column in other views changes completely the results.

To replicate 10g behavior in 11g, you must:

Add a new column identical to the one used to compute the calculated item.

In all views except in the one that includes the calculated item, replace the old column by the new one.

Note that it is easier to perform this modification in 10g before the upgrade. It is possible to do it in 11g after the upgrade but then you have to compare 11g and 10g reports to find out which view the calculated item belonged to.

Wednesday Dec 21, 2011

OBIEE 11.1.1 - Troubleshooting OCI Connections

If you are having trouble connecting to an Oracle Database using OCI, check to ensure that the following conditions are true:

■ The computer running the Oracle BI Server must use Oracle Call Interface (OCI) to connect to the database.

■ If you choose not to use the entire connect string in the repository connection pool, you must ensure that a valid tnsnames.ora file is set up in the following location within the Oracle Business Intelligence environment, so that the Oracle BI Server can locate the entry:


■ If you choose not to use the entire connect string in the repository connection pool, ensure that the net service name in the tnsnames.ora file matches the Data Source Name used in the connection pool.

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Wednesday Nov 02, 2011

OBIEE 11.1.1 - Error: "Too many running queries. Server is too busy to process any more queries at this time"


During normal users load, OBIEE fails frequently with the following error:

"OAMP2OPY:GIQKCQ7 Too many running queries. Server is too busy to process any more queries at this time."

Possible Causes / Solution:

1. The Oracle Database instance is configured by default to run only 150 PROCESSES; the maximum load for dedicated connections is determined by the PROCESSES parameter. When the listener believes the current number of connections has reached maximum load, it may set the state of the service handler for an instance to "blocked" and begin refusing incoming client connections with the following error (in biserver1.log set in debug level):

"TNS-12516 TNS:listener could not find instance with matching protocol stack"

Tip: Verify the Oracle database processes parameter setting.  It is also a good idea to make sure the Oracle database sessions and open cursors settings are large enough.

2. Increase the number of concurrent client connections (sessions) to OBI server. Each client request to OBI Server uses one SERVER_THREAD. Each SERVER_THREAD uses 0 or more DB_GATEWAY_THREADs depending upon the number of DB queries executed. Following NQSConfig.INI parameters need to be tuned (refer to OBIEE tuning guide for details on initial values to be set):

3. Cleanup Web catalog via instanceconfig.xml using the steps documented in "Validating the Catalog" in System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

4. In instanceconfig.xml file for each instance, add the following parameters within Cache/Query tags:









5. Make sure you have enough system resources available on BI Servers (sawserver, nqsserver).

6. Unstable network connection link between OBIEE servers and Database server.