Saturday Sep 26, 2009

Sandstorms through Sydney

I've cleaned the cars, washed the windows and vacumed the red mud from the bottom of my pool, so of course now they tell me that another dust storm is going to blow through Sydney. When I pluck up the energy I'll post some photos, but it's pretty easy, just imagine everything red and dusty and you'll get the idea (and everything under a thin layer of dust/mud.)

Tuesday Sep 01, 2009

Just a test

Just testing using the Scribefire extention in Firefox to publish to this blog (from Seems to be an easy and portable solution.

Wednesday May 13, 2009

t shirts

For those who might want a free tee shirt, you might want to look at:

The catch is you have to write a review to get the tee shirt.

Friday Jul 18, 2008

Problems in a sue happy culture

20 years ago, nobody would sue anyone in Australia, but these days the lawyers have won and insanity pervails. I went to the local hardware store and explained that I had found that a cupboard in my house was painted with lead paint which I wanted to remove and asked for help on which air mask I should use. The helpful man at the store immediately said he could no longer help me as lead paint was involved, apparently BBC hardware was sued by someone who had asked for help with lead paint and consequently contracted lead poisoning. I explained that I was fully aware of how dangerous lead paint was (hence why I wanted to remove it from my house) and just wanted to know how the gas masks work, not how to remove lead paint. No go, he couldn't give me any help. Fortunately he then looked both ways and whispered "you get what you pay for" That told me enough, ie buy the expensive mask as it will provide much better protection. But it also highlighted to me how liability laws mean that one person gets to dictate it for all of us these days. Coincidently friends of ours also had to remove lead paint from their house and did indeed end up with one person having lead poisoning, a very serious illness. The litigation laws are breeding a lack of knowledge and help when it should in fact be exactly the other way round.

Monday Jan 14, 2008

Photos from Switzerland

I said I would post some of the photos from Switzerland and I've finally gotton to it (we are currently on a stopover in Tokyo and I can't sleep due to jetlag.) The first photo is the type of view you get while walking along (rest of the family is walking ahead of me.)

and the second photo is of the mountain we were able to walk up.

Tuesday Dec 11, 2007

Time in Holland

Seems hard to believe that we only have about 5 weeks to go before heading back to Australia. We've had a great time walking in the mountains of Switzerland, eating stroopwafels in Sparkenburg etc but now the countdown starts. In the meanwhile it seems my son has started his own blog on (shameless plug for him here.) When I look back at wa I was doing at his age, it was worrying about my casette tapes not working in my Exidy Sorcerer (a 64k z80 computer from long ago.) It's enough to make me jealous.

Anyway, when I get a moment I'll post some of the photos from the trip.

Thursday Sep 13, 2007

Back in the Netherlands

It hardly seems like three years have gone by, but we are visiting the Netherlands again, this time for a 4 month stint. I'll simply be working from the Amersfoort office as my current job role is such it doesn't matter what time I work.

Anyway, a couple of intersting urls, firstly it seems that Shang Shin is doing one of his courses for Sun Identity Manager:

I have done the J2EE course he offers and found it both effective and flexible (I could work it around all the other demands on my time.)

The other one is that:

is offering free domain names (in exchange for inserting a small add banner at the top of your web page.) My children were very happy to be able to get their own domain names (as their father is way too stingy to buy them one.)

Sunday Jul 08, 2007


Just back from a week relaxing at a place called Lake Conjola. A small out of the way place where the tourists haven't yet discovered, some friends of ours have a small cottage on the lakeside (you literally walk at the door an hop in a canoe.) We've been before but this time we saw the dolphins playing in the surf (catching a wave an surfing in each time) and everyone's backyard seemed to have a kangaroo in it. The beach must be 10km long with nobody else in sight.

Thursday May 18, 2006

Next SOSUG meeting

The netx SOSUG meeting will be next Tuesday (23rd May), ie details at:

As always, be there or be square :->.

Friday Mar 17, 2006

Government Censorship

The Australian Government has apparently taken to censoring a website that did a parody of our Prime Minister, ie

This is the same government who wants to relax the media ownership laws so that just a few people will be able to own all our television and media without any good reason to do so (other than a few media barons wanting this.)

Apparently free speech isn't an Australian value anymore :-<.

Thursday Mar 09, 2006

Windows XP boots on Apple Mac

At last, some has proof

Windows XP boots on a Macbook

Thursday Jan 19, 2006

Next SOSUG Meeting

The next SOSUG (Sydney Open Solaris Users Group) meeting has been set for the 25th of Jan.

Date: Wednesday, January 25
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Sun Solution (formally iForce) Centre. Ground floor 33 Berry
St, North Sydney
See for a link to a map and full details.

As they say, be there or be square :->

Government Luancy

I have avoided any political comment up to now, but I could not help vent over the situation in Australia (in the state of NSW actually.) The current government decided to build a desalination plant to help supplant the water supply recently, signed the contracts and then started doing the community consultation process. The kick is that they have said that no matter what, they will build the plant. So why waste my tax dollars on a consultation process where the results will be ignored anyway ? (thats my rant for the year :->)

More details at water-plant-workshop-walkout

Thursday Oct 13, 2005

Sydney OpenSolaris Users Group meeting on Monday

As Alan Hargraves has already pointed out, the next meeting will be on Monday 17th at 6pm. Details are:

Date: Monday, October 17
Time: 6:30pm
Location: iForce Centre. Ground floor 33 Berry St, North Sydney


Bryan Cantrill - Bryan is in Australia this week to (amongst other
        things) present a tutorial and plenary at AUUG and do some
        customer visits. He will also present at SOSUG.

        Bryan is a senior staff engineer with the Solaris Kernel group
        and was recently recognised as one of the top innovators under
        35 years of age.

James McPherson - James recently gave a customer presentation on ZFS
        and has agreed to give the presentation to this group. I've not
        seen the presentation, but from all accounts it went very well
        when he first gave it. James has been "playing" with ZFS for
        quite some time, particularly with a focus on usability and
        folks simply doing silly things with it to see how it holds

        James currently works in the Leadville driver group.
Be there or be square as they :-]

Wednesday Jun 01, 2005

Sydney OpenSolaris Meeting

Well, as Alan posted last night was the first Sydney OpenSolaris group meeting and by all accounts it went well.

Peter Lees did a rundown on what OpenSolaris is (and is not)

Brendan Gregg did a good talk around how Dtrace replaces all traditional performance tuing tools by running a nasty script on his laptop and then using both the old tools and dtrace to troubleshoot the problem to show the pros and cons. He also did a brief introduction to the Dtrace tools repository. (which can be found at Bigadmin

Alan Hargreaves then followed up with a look at how static probes work in Dtrace and then as a Surprise showed off Looking Glass running under Solaris x86! (using the pre prelease Nvidia driver of course.) I don't think I want to know how he got Java3d to run on his laptop.

A raffle was held to give away a copy of the Cluster blueprints book and the Solaris10 media kits were handed out (plus pizza and beer to finish off.) I'm certainly glad I went along and it was good to chat to people outside of Sun who are interested in Solaris.

Sunday Feb 06, 2005


Apparently I'm a Nerd (my wife and children will attest to this.)

I am nerdier than 94% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

But at least I'm not a Nerd god like some other people who post around here.




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