IT Innovation | February 10, 2015

Our Customers’ Success Is Our Success

By: Stephanie Spada


As Oracle’s Chief Customer Officer, I am constantly looking
for new and innovative ways to reach out to our customer community. To that end, I am collaborating with my friend
and colleague, Amir Hartman of Mainstay Partners, this time on a series of six
blogs focused on Customer Success for the OracleVoice channel on Forbes.com. Through this series we’re touching upon various topics from sales to
marketing, and everything in between.
Companies today need to understand that alignment of their
own goals to their customers’ goals is key to building loyalty and mutually beneficial
partnerships. If the quest for helping your customers achieve their goals and
success is built into your company’s DNA, your sales teams will be far more
likely to meet their objectives. Ensuring that your sales teams have the right tools and skills to engage
with customers in this way is critical.

The first three blogs of our series have been published on
Forbes. I have included links to each
below. Take a moment to visit the site and take a quick read. Never have we felt a stronger need to put the
customer’s success at the center of everything. Their success is our success.

Check out the posts:

Also, we are running a short survey on customer
success. If you have a quick moment,
please click
. We would be honored to have
your input.

Keep an eye on the OracleVoice channel on Forbes.com for my upcoming blogs and check back here for a recap once they have been posted.  I look forward to your feedback and thoughts on these and all my other blogs.