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Stakeholder Management in OUM

Where is Stakeholder Management in OUM?  Stakeholder Management typically falls into the purview of the Project Manager, which means much of the associated guidance is found in the OUM Manage Focus Area (a.k.a. Manage).  There is also a good deal of content related to the discipline of Stakeholder Management contained in the Implement Focus Area (a.k.a Implement).

There is no process in Manage named Stakeholder Management, but this “touch point” can be found in a variety of other processes including Bid Transition (BT), Communication Management (CMM) and Organizational Change Management (OCHM).

         Stakeholder Management starts in the Bid Transition process with Stakeholder Analysis.

         This Stakeholder Analysis is used to build the Project Team Communication Plan in the Communication Management process.

         Stakeholder Management should be executed during the Execution and Control phase.  For example, as issues are resolved, the project manager should take the action item to follow up with the affected stakeholders to ensure they are aware that the issue has been resolved.

       The broader topic of Stakeholder Management is also addressed very thoroughly in the Organizational Change Management process in the Implement Focus Area, which is a touch point to the Organizational Change Management process in Manage.

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