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Methodologists are much like everyone else in that we are all too crazy busy to spend time reflecting on the past.  However, as I was preparing for a presentation at the 2012 JDE Summit last week, I found myself reflecting on the fact that I had returned to the site of an important milestone in the evolution of OUM.

It was seven years ago, in a conference room at the Oracle campus in Broomfield, Colorado, that several legacy Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards folks got together and sketched out what became Oracle’s method integration strategy.  We may have tweaked the actual wording since that meeting, but the foundations of the strategy have remained:

  • Support current methods (Compass, AIM, ABF, Siebel, DWM FT, etc.)
  • Develop a single, integrated method, to support the entire Oracle ecosystem, across all Oracle products (OUM).
  • Decommission legacy methods as the field transitions to OUM.

In the seven years since the initial meeting in Broomfield, this strategy has served as a solid foundation as OUM has evolved and many acquisitions have subsequently been brought into Oracle.  So I suppose that for even crazy busy people, there is benefit in reflecting back on the fundamental decisions that continue to drive our day-to-day tasks.

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  • guest Wednesday, February 29, 2012

    Lauren -

    I remember those days. It was so interesting to hear about the similar experiences that our two teams had had in the realm of method development and support.

    It seems to me that the strategy we developed was very sound. I think we can safely say that we've achieved the first two - with respect to software products - and we're on our way completing the third item. The bar, however, keeps moving as Oracle continues its strategic acquisitions.

    As we put together our strategy going forward, it will certainly include things like:

    - Support implementation teams in adopting an iterative and incremental approach

    - Encourage the use of agile techniques in support of Oracle projects

    - Support the complete range of implementation option, including Saas, PaaS, and all related Cloud technologies.

    What do you think? What have I missed?

    Thanks for the post.


  • Lauren Wednesday, February 29, 2012

    Great points. It is good to see the foundation of the strategy remaining, while evolving for the future. We should think about working in the idea of upgrades/migrations in addition to implementation options. Thanks for your thoughts!

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