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7 Tips for using Microsoft Word 2007 with OUM Templates

  1. To ensure trouble free operation of the method material, the macro security settings associated with MS Word must be modified.  During product installation, the MS install program establishes all MS Office components with the maximum security setting enabled.  The affect of this setting is to prohibit the execution of any macro code instructions embedded in an MS Word document.  Because the method material uses extensive macro code, the MS Office security level options must be adjusted prior to utilizing the method material. To adjust the security level for MS Word 2007:
      1. Launch MS Word.
      2. Navigate to "Office Button" > "Word Options" > "Trust Center" > "Trust Center Settings">.
      3. Select "Macro Settings".
      4. Verify that the "Disable all macros with notification button" is selected in the Macros Settings.
      5. Verify that "Trust access to the VBA project object model" selected in the Develop Macro Settings.
      6. Click "OK"
      7. Click "OK".
  2. In order to view the Yellow Notes in the MS Word Templates, Hidden text must be set to Show. Important: To avoid formatting issues in your MS Word Work Products, the Hidden text option must be set to Show before using the Strip Yellow Notes... feature of the OM pull-down menu. To set the Hidden text to show in MS Office 2007:
      1. Using the Office button, select "Word Options".
      2. Select "Display".
      3. From the Always Show these formatting marks on the screen section, select "Hidden Text".
      4. Click “OK”.
  3. In order to see the borders of list tables:
      1. Select the table.
      2. Select the Table Tools tab.
      3. Select Layout.
      4. Select View Gridlines.
  4.  To enable Macros when you open an Oracle Method template:
      1. Select the "Options" button associated with the Security Warning.
      2. Select the radio button adjacent to the "Enable this content" option in the Security Alert - Macro box.
      3. Click "OK". (You should now see an "Add-Ins" tab.)
  5. To use the OM Menu Options to edit your template:
      1. Click on the “Add-Ins" tab.
      2. Click on the OM drop-down menu item that appears in the ribbon below to access the OM menu options.
  6. Use Compatibility Mode.
  7. Save documents as “Word 97-2003 Document”.

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