Thursday Jul 28, 2011

Java SE Goes to 7

 As reported by The Java Source (and others!):

Java SE 7 is officially released today! After nearly five years of collaboration within the worldwide Java community, Java Platform, Standard Edition is ready for download! It's an important step in Java’s evolution. Thanks to everyone who suggested features, reviewed specs, argued on mailing lists, talked about Java 7 at your JUG meeting, submitted bugs, wrote blogs and tweeted about #java7. The major features of Java SE 7 are:

    •    Project Coin- many small language changes that add up to a big boost in productivity for developers
    •    The Fork/Join Framework -  facilitates parallelism for mulit-core processors
    •    The New File System API (NIO.2) - provides the ability to perform many basic file system operations natively
    •    InvokeDynamic - makes it easier to run other languages on the JVM

To learn more about these features, you can view the technical presentations from Oracle's global event on July 7. In addition, hundreds of Java User Groups (JUGs) worldwide are celebrating the release of Java 7 by hosting member events from July through September. Find one near you!


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Friday Feb 18, 2011

TechCast Live: "Java and Oracle, One Year Later" Replay Now Available

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to chat with Ajay Patel, Oracle's VP leading the Java Evangelist team, about "the state of the union" wrt Oracle and Java. Take a look:

And here are some choice quotes, some paraphrased, as helpfully transcribed by Java evangelist Terrence Barr:

  • "One key thing we have learned ... Java is not just a platform, it is also an ecosystem, and you can't have an ecosystem without a community."
  • "The objectives, strategically [for Java at Oracle] have been pretty clear: How do we drive adoption, how do we build a larger, stronger developer community, how do we really make the platform much more competitive."
  • "It's about transparency, involvement. IBM, RedHat, Apple have all agreed to working with us to make OpenJDK the best platform for open source development ... it is a sign that the community has been waiting to move the Java platform forward."
  • "It's not just about Oracle anymore, it's about Java, the technology, the community, the developer base, and how we work with them to move the innovation forward."
  • "Java is strategic to Oracle, and the community is strategic for Java to be successful ... it is critical to our business."
  • On JavaFX 2.0: "... is coming to beta soon, with a release planned in second half [of 2011] ... will give you a new, high-performance graphics engine, the new API for JavaFX ... you will see a very strong, relevant platform for levering rich media platforms."
  • On the JDK and SE: "... aggressively moving forward, JDK 7 is now code complete ... looking good for getting JDK 7 out by summer as we promised. Started work on JDK 8, Jigsaw and Lambda are moving along nicely, on track for JDK 8 release next year ... good progress."
  • On Java EE and Glassfish: "... Very excited to have Glassfish 3.1 released, with clustering and management capabilities ... working with the JCP to shortly submit a number of JSRs for Java EE 7 ... You'll see Java EE 7 becoming the platform for cloud-based development."
  • "You will see Oracle continue to step up to this role of Java steward, making sure that the language, the technology, the platform ... is competitive, relevant, and widely adopted."
Making progress!