Thursday Jun 02, 2011

Hardware Compatibility List Now on OTN

The Hardware Compability List (HCL) that was once on BigAdmin has been recreated on the Oracle Technology Network. For details, see the OTN Garage Blog.

- Rick System Admin and Developer Community of OTN

Monday Nov 15, 2010

Solaris 11 Express Available for Download


Solaris 11 Express is now available for download. Free for development, evaluation, and testing purposes. Look for resources on the System Admin and Developer Community of OTN over the coming days, or see this summary of sysadmin resources on the OTN Garage Blog.

Monday Nov 01, 2010

Take Solaris Sysadmin Course on Apple iPad


Get educated in the comfort of your own natural habitat and take Part I of the Oracle Solaris System Administration course on the Apple iPad with the new Oracle University e-kit application. Details on the OTN Garage Blog.

- Rick

Tuesday Oct 19, 2010

A Peak Experience - The Oracle Solaris Summit at LISA


The peak experience of the year for Solaris sysadmins will happen all day Tuesday, Nov 9, at the Solaris" Summit of the LISA Conference in ballrooms A4 and A5 of the San Jose Convention Center

We have gathered the engineers who designed and built the capabilities in Oracle Solaris 11 Express that are most significant to sysadmins, and they are going to spend the entire day walking you through them. See the OTN Garage Blog for details.

- Rick

Friday Sep 24, 2010

Oracle Forums Expand for Java, Solaris, and Systems

Wow, we've been busy. With the completion of JavaOne as well as the new "systems-compliant" Oracle OpenWorld, we are now announcing that Oracle Forums have been expanded to include topics formerly covered by Sun Forums - including Java, Solaris, and systems.

This means that Oracle Forums are now a one-stop shop for the entire community. Furthermore, we have made some UI improvements to make these forums more consumable.

Ask away!

Thursday Aug 05, 2010

Updates to System Admin and Developer Community

A summary of the latest updates to the System Admin and Developer Community of OTN, plus posts to the OTN Garage on Facebook.

- Rick

Using Oracle Solaris 10 to Overcome Security Challenges

New article by Mark Thacker. Easy to follow. Good resources.

See this entry in the OTN Garage Blog.

- Rick

Thursday Jul 08, 2010

TechCast Live: Oracle Solaris Studio (July 13@ 10am PT)

Got questions about Oracle Solaris Studio or other Solaris-related developer tools? Don Kretsch, the senior director for Oracle Solaris dev tools, will be my guest on the next TechCast Live - Tuesday July 13 at 10am PT.

If you do, sound off in comments and we'll get to them (as time allows of course)!