Tuesday Jul 07, 2015

OTN Virtual Technology Summit – Spotlight on Operating Systems, Virtualization Technologies and Hardware

The Virtual Technology Summit is a series of interactive online events with hands-on sessions and presenters answering technical questions. The events are sponsored by the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). These are free events but you must register.

Operating Systems, Virtualization Technologies and Hardware Sessions:

Designing a Multi-Layered Security Strategy - Security is a concern of every IT manager and it is clear that perimeter defense, trying to keep hackers out of your network, is not enough. At some point someone with bad intentions will penetrate your network and to prevent significant damage it is necessary to make sure there are multiple layers of defense. Hear about Oracle’s defense in depth for data centers including some new and unique security features built into the new SPARC M7 processor.

How to Increase Application Security & Reliability with Software in Silicon Technology - Learn about Software in Silicon Application Data Integrity (ADI) and how you can use this revolutionary technology to catch memory access errors in production code. Also explore key features for developers that make it easy and simple to create secure and reliable high performance applications.

Eliminate Cloud Security Threats with Oracle Systems - Learn and understand about the security threats to your public and private cloud and gain insight into how the Oracle Security Architecture helps reduce risk. This webcast will provide detailed information on the top 20 cloud security threats and how different parts of the Oracle systems stack help eliminate each threat.

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NEW REWARDS! If you attend this virtual technology summit and are a member of the Oracle Technology Network Community you will earn 150 points towards our new Rewards and Recognition program (use the same email for both). Read all about it in our FAQ: Oracle Community – Rewards & Recognition FAQ.

Thursday Aug 05, 2010

Using Oracle Solaris 10 to Overcome Security Challenges

New article by Mark Thacker. Easy to follow. Good resources.

See this entry in the OTN Garage Blog.

- Rick